Jesse Fisher – Little John

Download or Listen to Jesse Fisher – Little John from the Way Out 45

Good Friday to the Flea Market Funk Family. I’m still not functioning here at 100%, but I’m trying to make a brand new start like Paul Weller and be positive. This record I got from a set sale some time back. When I heard the sample, I could not be without it. I got it, featured it on a FMF mix, and have played it out live just once. It’s a great piece of Midwest Soul. Here’s Jesse Fisher with “Little John” on Way Out Records.

Jesse Fisher originally hailed from the South, but ended up in Cleveland, OH. According to guitarist and Way Out studio engineer (from 1965-67)Lou Ragland, Fisher was always hanging around the Way Out Studios. Jesse didn’t do a lot of background singing at the label, and this particular record was written by Fisher, Lou Ragland, and James Calloway. He just sort of hung around the studio and was friends with particular people on the label and other groups in town. It’s rumored he had a Gospel background because of the style of his singing, but that is not confirmed. Apparently Fisher did not fancy himself an artist. Such a humble thing to think, because IMO, this guy was a star. The way he belts out on this track is amazing. To my knowledge, Fisher had four releases on this label, which would include this side, “You’re Not Loving A Beginner”, “Mr. Super Nobody”, and “Super Funky”. The Way Out label had artists such as: Sensations, Soul Notes, Fred Towels and the Jacksonians, Springers, Bobby Wade, Verna and Ray, and Ruby Carter among others. Fisher was also noted for his side “Honey” on the Sojamm label.

“Little John” is a piece of Midwest Funky Soul about Little John, who if you don’t watch out, is gonna steal your girl. He will too, because he’s gotta have that girl. The driving guitar, almost a bit fuzzed out, moves right along with the upbeat rhythm. There is a part when Fisher almost seems like he is going to let loose, but then pulls back the reins just a bit. All in all, this is a great sid eif you can get your hands on it. I wasn’t too familiar with the label when I bought this, but apparently all of Fisher’s sides are great, as are a lot of the label’s roster. There are a few different actual labels for this record, and this particular one with the swirls was conceived by Lou Ragland. It seems their family was not just talented in the music side, but in the art side as well. Have a good weekend. Keep Diggin’!

2 responses to “Jesse Fisher – Little John

  1. Love this tune! I hope you post other singles by Jesse Fisher if you ever run across them (I did a search for songs by him in several locations & came up empty each time).

    Thanks for all the great music, it is much appreciated.

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