East Harlem Bus Stop – Get On Down

Download or Listen to East Harlem Bus Stop – Get On Down from the D & H Sound Lp The Get Down!

Well here we are at the end of the week, and I figured that I’d pull this record out. I’ve been holding on it for the better part of 10 years. I used it in a previous mix, but I always thought it was a really great record on the whole. In fact, somebody actually gave me this thing because they knew I was into this kind of stuff. It was almost a battle, because the cover art was so dope. I won out, and for the good of the vinyl community and the Flea market Funk Family, here it is today. I’m speaking of East Harlem Bus Stop and “Get On Down” from the Lp of the same name on D & M Sound.

Put out on D & M Sound (which would stand for Dave Miller and Marty Wilson), this sweet piece of Disco Funk from 1976 and apparently was fetching $100+ from dealers at one point. During the 1980’s it made kind of a resurgence, but in 1976, it was all about the fusing the sounds of Salsa, Funk, R & B, Blues, and whatever else was floating around the streets of NYC. Miller and Wilson got arranger/ musicians Pete Terrace and Peter Phillips to write up these songs (along with a few covers) to be played by East Harlem Bus Stop, a group of virtually unknown NYC musicians. The result is some Funky Disco shit that will make you slap your mama just for questioning why the hell you have it up so loud. Comparing themselves to sound of Brass Construction, the band of studio cats? joined as one force to bring a great sound that was illustrating the era of Disco before it got too corny. There are still some Funk roots in this track, that’s what grabs me. Terrace and Phillips added strings to this side, which to me, sounds makes it sound a bit like a soundtrack to a blaxploitation film. All the great elements are in there: a smoking horn section, some congas, great back beat, a hot bass line, and let’s not forget the chant of “Let’s Get It On” and the great drum break. For me, this was a really great score. In fact, in the early days of me DJing, this was a staple in my sets and always in my record case. Have a great weekend, and Keep Diggin’!

3 responses to “East Harlem Bus Stop – Get On Down

  1. Hey. I just got done reading some of your blog. It’s a great read. I’m glad to see other people are still keeping vinyl alive… It’s just a shame it;’s so hard to find OOP’s from the 60s and 70s. 😦

    Anyway, just wanted to say keep up the good work. I’m a member of an invitation only mp3 blog for record collectors, and I think it might be something you’d enjoy. I’ve got an extra invite code, if you’re interested just email me. If it’s not your thing, no worries. Just figured I’d offer.

    Either way – keep on keepin’ on, and I’ll be back to read more. =P

  2. I’m working my way back through this blog, front to back, in December 08, and this one is the sweeetest one I’ve come across so far. Awesome.

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