Helioecentrics versus the Gaslamp Killer

Ok Ok Ok no more. Get your late pass here at Flea Market Funk. My man over at Stones Throw sent me some info regarding this latest Stones Throw Podcast, number 37 if you’re counting. In this corner we have the Heliocentrics, lead by explosive drummer Malcolm Catto (Soul Destroyers, etc), heading up a seasoned bunch of true analog musicians who combine the sounds of Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Psychedelic, Electronic, Avante-Garde and Ethnic music to bring it “on the one” every time. Channeling the strength and music of Sun Ra, but playing in the spirit of James Brown, the Heliocentrics has burst on to this scene of ours and have straight killed it.

In the next corner you have (The Mother Fucking) Gas Lamp Killer. I’ve been following this cat for a while and you know what? The man has skills. Part Psychedelic Love Storm with the sweet Soul of Los Angeles, if you haven’t seen this guy live, you must. I need to get him here in Asbury Park. A true digger and DJ extraordinaire, his sets are legendary, and his persona even bigger.

Let’s Rumble.

Gaslamp Killer vs. Heliocentrics Stones Throw Podcast 37

One response to “Helioecentrics versus the Gaslamp Killer

  1. holy stellar fungk! – anytime there is a new Stones Throw podcast it is mandatory listening. thx for the heads up, fmf.

    HUGE heliocentrics fan. malcolm catto is an effing beast of a percussionist. he’s amazing. ‘out there’ is a fantastic record.

    yo pres – if you can get your hands on the an untitled 10″ ep by mrr-adm, SNAG IT. it features catto on drums and is positively gnarly, grimey synthesizer-driven analog funk. no track titles or anything. really dark, hard-hitting stuff.

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