Willie Mitchell – 20-75

Download or Listen to Willie Mitchell – 20-75 from the Hi Records 45

Well here we are at the end of another Summer at Flea Market Funk. It has been a productive Summer, although I didn’t get to do as much digging as I usually would due to some unforeseen circumstances. I’m gonna keep it really short today as the Holiday weekend here in the States officially kicks off. A good friend of mine is here from Oregon where the RZA had just come through in Portland. He said that after the show, a few of his buddies saw him outside in his ride, bumping his own shit really loud. They went up to him and stated how they loved the show, the Wu, and all he did. his reply: “Enjoy your life fellas.” Gotta love it.

So it got me thinking of RZA using the Willie Mitchell sample for “Groovin’ “, and figured: Why not? Here’s trumpeter, producer, Royal records man, Hi Records guy, and overall Memphis genius Willie Mitchell with “20-75” from Hi Records, made a household name by Mitchell and a certain Al Green. Enjoy the weekend if you’re here in the States, and as always, Keep Diggin!

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