The Latin Souls – The Party Is Over

Download or Listen to Latin Souls – The Party Is Over from the Kapp Records 45

I’m feeling a little more Soul than usual this week, and since this side has been in my for review pile, I thought that I would throw it out this week. I’ve been on a bit of a tear these past few weeks, kind of going out a bit more, and letting loose a bit. However, as real world moves and the real world come into play, one has to gather things up, and do the right thing. As fun as it always is, there has to be a time when you take a rest. This side for me, fit my mindset perfect, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Here’s the Latin Souls with “The Party Is Over” on Kapp Records from 1967.

I always feel like I don’t give Latin music the proper shine it deserves, because I am so heavily into Funk and Soul. I do have a great collection that’s getting bigger and bigger of Latin music, and I guess like every collector I am into what I’m into. The Kapp discography stretches from 1954-1970, and has had a wide variety of artists on their roster. From Roger Williams (my Grandad loved the man) to Eddie Arnold to the Emotions to the Unifics and beyond. The diverse label put out Country, Soul, Contemporary, and even Children’s records. It’s fitting that there was a Latin record stuffed there in between. Backed by The Pete Rodriguez Orchestra, the Latin Souls fired out some great records, including the full length Boo-Ga-Loo & Shing-A-Ling which this 45 came off of.

Hot off of the Boogaloo and Shing-a-ling dance craze, The Souls swing it up with this little cooker. Reminiscent of some Joe Cuba or Joe Bataan, and adding a heavy dose of vocal harmony mixed in with the Big Latin Band sound. This is most definitely a Latin side that, while a little slower than say the early to mid 70’s stuff which were moving towards Disco, still is a hot track. Percussion, shouting, and horns all around, and let’s not forget about the Latin feel people. I can see this as the last number of the night in Spanish Harlem, late 60’s, patrons dressed to the nines, and everyone getting down before the sun comes up. I bought this record in a set sale, and as soon as I heard the sample, it was well worth the $15 bucks or so I payed for it. The party may be over for a little while here at FMF, but this side will go on to live forever as always being a great Latin track in my mind. See you on Friday, and as always, Keep Diggin’!

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