Tom Jones – Looking Out My Window

Download or Listen to Tom Jones – Looking Out My Window from the Parrot Records 45

After a rain soaked weekend here on the East Coast, this next song represents something I did a lot of this weekend. A whole lot of nothing (and then some). I caught up on some much needed rest and caught up with some old friends over old friends otherwise known as Mr.Guinness and Mr. Jameson. That’s a whole different story. What I was talking about earlier, was looking out my window at the rain. This next artist has caused quite a stir in his time, whether it be catching panties on stage, being responsible for a rise in the population in the UK due to excessive back seat sex, or holding the world record for most women fainting at his concerts. I’m talking of course of Tom Jones with “Looking Out My Window” on Parrot Records.

Thomas John Woodward was born in 1940 in Pontypridd, South Wales. Originally he performed under the monicker Tommy Scott (with the Senators), where he was discovered and renamed Tom Jones. he released his first record in 1964 “Chills and Fever” on Decca, but it wasn’t until 1965 that “It’s Not Unusual” would transform him into a Pop sensation almost over night. He exuded raw sensuality and pure sex, no matter what kind of music he would perform. This Welshman although starting out in Pop, would go on to record Rock, Country, and other genres of music. He would do movie soundtracks and theme songs: “What’s New Pussy Cat?”, “Thunderball” and the like. At one time he crooned like Sinatra (but still kept his sexy image), and eventually made the jump to America, where from 1969-1971 he had his own variety show This Is Tom Jones . From television he moved on to Las Vegas, where he made a quite lucrative living on the strip. His career kept moving forward as he made a resurgence again in the 80’s, recording with The Art of Noise (a cover of Prince’s “Kiss”) and various festivals around the world, where he would be thrust back into the music scene for a whole new generation to embrace.

Originally I was turned on to this track when my pal Andy Smith included this track on his The Document inaugural mix. It wasn’t until after we went digging that I was able to score a copy many years later through a set sale. The song itself is Tom crying out about love lost through a dark, funky ass rock track. The sad lyrics aside, this tune has Funk written all over it. Check out the drum break mid way. There is no way you can’t work doubles of this! I love this side, and thank Andy for turning me on to this nontraditional, but funky ass record here at Flea Market Funk. Enjoy Mr. Pantie Dropper himself, Tom Jones and this trackI know I did. Keep Diggin’! and don’t forget this Friday Oct. 3rd we have the 45 Sessions in full effect!

5 responses to “Tom Jones – Looking Out My Window

  1. Nice one, Pres! There are little gems like that on most Tom Jones albums into the early ’70s.

    For the curious, this cut is from 1968, off the “Help Yourself” album. It was the B side to “A Minute Of Your Time.”

    And now I will stop being a complete Tom Jones geek.

  2. you can work double of this as it’s on a ultimate breaks and beats, can remember which number…anyway, i love this tune!keep up the good work.

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