Crosstown Express – Just Keep The Funk

Download or Listen To Crosstown Express – Just Keep The Funk from the Pee Zee 45

Here’s a little bit of midweek Funk for all of you. Once again I wanted to thank all the DJ’s, residents, and especially The 45 Killer for coming out to the 45 Sessions in Asbury Park on last Friday. I’ll also let you know that we’re doing it all again on the 12th of December, so mark up your calendar please. This midweek I bring to you a little piece of Disco Funk. Here’s some Crosstown Express with “Just Keep the Funk” on Pee Zee Records.

Not much to really find out about this record out there other than the fact that it was the brainchild of three producers: Leo Price, Mike Ziruolo, and Delorise Milton. I can gather that the Pee Zee came from two out of the three last names (the first letter of each sounded out). The publishers were Damp Publishing Company, and it’s kind of interesting that they have two addresses: one in Jersey City, NJ, and another one in Washington DC. Bottom line, this side is some great Disco Funk straight from the East Coast. I don’t know if they were writing their Senators in DC to petition to Keep the Funk from succumbing to the Disco movement, or just plain wanted to keep the Funk in their own records. Whatever the case, it’s a great record. If anyone has some info about the record, the players, or the three producers, feel free to drop me a line here at FMF. Keep Diggin’!

One response to “Crosstown Express – Just Keep The Funk

  1. There’s another group called Cross Bronx Expressway that has some killer sides. The sound, band-name, and label reminds me of that one. Wonder if they’re related?

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