Z Share Problems and a Little Weekend News

A reader today pointed out that there were some problems with my Downloads page. For some reason, Z Share has either deleted, or not granted access to my downloads, which honestly, really fucking sucks. I work hard on my mixes to give them all to you for FREE. I know Z Share is a free hosting place, but it’s kind of bullshit that your downloads get cut off for whatever reason. So, I’ve reupped all my mixes to DivShare, which I actually pay for. There may be a few stragglers not up, but they will all be in order by next week. I apologize for any inconvenience, and hope that all of you that couldn’t get my mixes can now do so. Now, on to some better news.

For all you football fans (that’s soccer to some people), after 13 years of misery Metro (or the NY Red Bulls) have made it to the MLS Cup. This year they take on the Columbus Crew in Carson, CA on Sunday November 23rd. I will be there. In fact, if all goes well, I’ll be DJing a really great event at the Home Depot Center there in Carson on Saturday the 22nd. When everything is confirmed I will post the flyer and all the details. This is gonna be a good one folks, so stay tuned for all the details. In the mean time, download all of those FMF mixes you couldn’t before! Keep Diggin!

Here’s some photos of myself and NY Red Bull Players and staff at the year end party in Hoboken:

Juan Pablo Angel and the DJ

The DJ and Coach Juan Carlos Osorio

Woly and the DJ. This guy had the best goal celebration all year! Can you say Thriller dance?

4 responses to “Z Share Problems and a Little Weekend News

  1. appreciate what your doing with this site man..bummer about zShare.
    Juan Pablo Angel looks well different to his Villa days when he had long hair..lol
    Peace from the U.K D.J

  2. many many thanks for the reply and for reuploading all the mixes,i’m sure that alot of people will pleased for this and the hard work that you do going into these mixes.downloading these as i write this and they’ll keep me going thru these cold wet nights here in the u.k

    once again…………. MANY THANKS

  3. z share is a nightmare to the point that i don’t even try anymore, etal on hip hop reckons it’s because i’m in england but i’ve been assured that other people are having exactly the same problems, why? who knows, only z share could tell you shame because some stuff only seems to be available through them……
    anyway thankyou for bringing us so much dope stuff p keep up the good work
    mediafire!!! ha ha, peace

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