Willie Hutch – Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold

Download or Listen To Willie Hutch – Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold from the Motown Lp Fully Exposed

Good Monday morning FMF family. After a long (and I do mean long and much needed) holiday weekend, we’re back with a bang. In the hustle and bustle of traveling, the holiday here in the states, and my scattered brain, I forgot to post about the Asbury Lanes Record swap and garage sale on Nov. 30th. Fortunately, word spread like wild fire, and everyone was at the swap. I saw Larry fron Funky 16 Corners, Greg from Highland park, Rabid Rob the Hip Hop Slob, Jack the Ripper, Psych Dave, and get ready for this: EGGBEARD. Unbelievable. I managed to get a few great pieces from Psych Dave, which I will list at the bottom of the post. For now, let’s get into a side that DJ Skills turned me onto a while ago, and I picked it up shortly after. Here’s Willie Hutch and “Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold from the Motown Lp Fully Exposed from 1973.

Born in Los Angeles, CA in 1946, Willie McKinley Hutchinson grew up in Dallas, TX. As a younger man he was a song writer and a member of The Ambassadors. His song writing continued and in 1964 he’d release a solo effort entitled “Love Has Put Me Down”. This little slice of Soul would go on to attract some artists, and soon he was writing songs for The 5th Dimension, and eventually by request from producer Hal Davis wrote “I’ll Be There” for The Jackson Five. This, as you all know went on to be a hit, and soon Hutch was writing for The Chairman of the Board (not Sinatra), Berry Gordy, for artists on the Motown label. His production for such acts as Smokey Robinson and Michael Jackson for the Motown label would lead to his own records: The Mark of the Beast, Color Her Sunshine, and Concert in Blues . While these solo releases were received warmly, it was his soundtrack to The Mack and contribution to Foxy Brown with Roy Ayers that would give him further recognition. Willie Hutch took a break from Motown for a bit in the late 70’s to record for Norman Whitfield, but eventually would go on to return to Motown, where he recorded solo releases, did production, and wrote lyrics up until the early 2000’s.

“Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold” is a sweet piece of funky Soul that could easily have been on one of Hutch’s efforts on a Blaxploitation soundtrack. He is begging and pleading for an answer of why the relationship has failed, and I can just see Pam Grier laying her Mack down on some poor sap if that were the case. Hutch lined up some great musicians including Slim and Tim (Bass and Guitar respectively), Tommy Myles (Flute and Saxophone), Fred White (Drums), King Errisson & Sam Clayton (Congas), Joe Sample (Piano), Gene & Allen Estes (Percussion) Hutch himself (Guitar), and a gaggle of harpist, violinists and back up singers. Let’s face it, Motown had all these players at their disposal. This tune straight smokes people, so much that The Three 6 Mafia sampled it for their hit “Stay Fly”. You guys stay fly too, and I’ll see you mid week. Keep Diggin’!

Asbury Park Record Swap Finds

Shirley Scott Trio – Great Scott!/ Impulse
Augustus Pablo – East of the River Nile/ Message
T.Swift & the Electric Bag – Are You Experienced?/ Custom

Not much but quality over quantity rules!

Bonus: DJ Prestige meets up with ex-Sex Pistol Steve Jones in LA@ the Hollywood United Football Club vs. Champion’s United Charity Football match.

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