Ground Hog – Bumpin’

Download or Listen to Ground Hog – Bumpin’ from the Gemigo 45 from 1974

Here’s your early week post at FMF a day late. I had a full work week and two weekend DJ gigs so it’s coming a bit later than usual. I apologize to those who were looking for a Monday morning fix. I’d also like to shout out whoever has got me in the loop for Etta James, because my hits have been off the charts the last few weeks and it’s all about Etta. I’m assuming it has to do with Beyonce as well and Cadillac Records, but I thank whoever is responsible. Also, another shout out to DJ Bluewater for his most excellent and most recent mix he put out. Today’s review, while short, is definitely a great record. I picked this thing up for cheap on a record binge on E Bay like Artie Lange scoring H after a comedy gig. Here’s Ground Hog, with “Bumpin’ ” on Gemigo Records from 1974.

Ground Hog is none other than the talented Mr. Leroy Hudson. Hudson would go on to fill big shoes, as he replaced Chicago Soul royalty when he took over for Curtis Mayfield in 1971. In ’73, his solo career got off the ground. Gemigo was the name of his production company, which consequently became the label name and subsidiary of Curtom Records. Ground Hog put two 7″s out on the label, this very side and “Roll With the Punches”. They also released a few sides from Arnold Blair, the Notations, and Chuck Ray and Linda Clifford. More background on Leroy Hudson can be found here, from an earlier post I did on him. The song “Keep On Bumpin’ ” by Hudson resurfaced in 1994 on The Starsky & Hutch Movie Soundtrack.

This thing starts off with a nice little drum break, and the percussion keeps on rolling through some heavy guitar work. Hudson’s genius keyboard style can be heard throughout! Add a sweet horn section and the background singers encouraging you to “keep on bump-an”, and you’ve got a party in the back seat of your lowered out Coup Deville or dare I say Olds 88 a la Public Enemy style? Either way, this song will keep your head nodding for just under 3 minutes. I don’t know whether Hudson wanted to just hit it and quit it, or simply just didn’t want to make this a longer side, but I feel it could have gone on for a few minutes more. That’s just me, I don’t want the party to end. See you midweek. Keep Diggin’!

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