02.20.09 Asbury Park 45 Sessions

The 45 Sessions have returned to the World Famous Asbury Lanes. On Friday February 20th, we’re gonna go back, way back, back into time. A time when you played music just because you loved it, and if you got paid, well that was a bonus. A time when James Brown influenced everyone, and regional bands made limited run records of JB covers or JB ripoffs that eventually went long out of print. We gonna unearth these gems one by one. 6 DJ’s with different styles and different records that come together as one as the Asbury 45 Sessions Crew. You’re gonna have to travel a bit to find another unique night like this in this area. In fact, you won’t find another one until you reach NYC. We’re representing Jersey, 45 Records, Asbury Park, and of course this music that has to stay alive on 45 RPM. See you then and tell a friend. Keep Diggin’!.

One response to “02.20.09 Asbury Park 45 Sessions

  1. wow took me this long to figure out this blog has jersey roots. Asbury Lanes is the bomb I might actually be in town that week my girl lives in Allenhurst!

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