Mongo Santamaria – Sofrito


Neil Creque, Jazz Funk Legend.

Download or Listen to Mongo Santamaria – Sofrito from the Vaya Records 45

It’s the end of the week here at FMF, but the beginning of the weekend. I’ll be DJing tonight @ Mattison Park in Asbury Park, and on Sunday at the Annex here in AP for The Taste of Asbury from 1-5. Should be a good time. To end out the week, I thought I’d go back to a guy I did some stuff on a while ago. He’s another artist that I always pick up records by no matter what. This would be none other than Mongo Santamaria. You can read that review here, which contains a lot of bio and other information. Since it’s Friday and the weather is getting nicer, I figured I’d hit you off with “Sofrito” on Vaya Records from 1976.

This record has definitely been dissed a bit as and characterized as an overall let down. Mongo was starting to mess with the keyboard/ synthesizer and while some may call it muzak or elevator music, you judge for yourself. This side was written by Neal Creque, an accomplished Jazz/ Funk keyboard player, who passed away in the late 80’s. I disagree, and think the tune is a perfect track to start off the warm weather here with. Enjoy your weekend and if you’re in the area on Sunday, come check out some great food and of course some hot music I’ll be spinning. Keep Diggin’!

2 responses to “Mongo Santamaria – Sofrito

  1. Whoever dissed this track has sh*t in their ears. I love Mongo’s stuff, esp the Atlantic era and after (during which Creque seems to have been a regular member of his band). It’s certainly not funk, but if that’s the only reason someone is listening to Latin stuff, they’re missing a lot.

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