Lee Fields – My World

Download or Listen to Lee Fields – My World from the Truth & Soul Records 45

This is something I’m excited about. The good people over at Truth & Soul hooked me up with the advance of this full length a while ago, and since the June 2nd release date is coming soon, I figured I’d put out this single. Now of course this single isn’t brand new, but it’s still included on the Lp. Here’s Lee Fields with music by the Expressions and “My World” from the Truth and Soul Records single from 2007, also featured on the full length of the same name.

Nicknamed “Little J.B.” because of his sound, looks, and moves (this side even has a tribute In Loving Memory of the Godfather of Soul printed on the label), Lee Fields is serious. His release of the hard to get singles from the late 60’s through the 70’s that echoed James brown first put him on the map. Starting off with the Bedford label in 1969 and “Bewildered”, he then moved over to London in 1973 and released “Gonna Make Love” and “Let’s Talk It Over”. The much sought after 1974 side “Funky Screw” on Angle 3 was followed up by “Everybody Gonna Give Their Thing Away to Somebody (Sometime)” on Sound Plus and a full length entitled Let’s Talk It Over in 1979. He would also go on to put out a full length Enough Is Enough for Ace in 1982, but remained under the radar until the 90’s, where he released a few more for Ace and one for Avanti. The late 90’s brought Lee Fields over to Desco. Way back when I got this package from Desco, and the Lp Gimme the Paw. Backed by the Soul Providers Fields, straight killed it. He played around NYC and was the first to release a full length on the Desco label. Reminiscent of the Godfather, the record was recorded in the same style as the JB records of the early 70’s. This old Funk and Soul sound brought new fans to see Fields, as well as a high demand for his early singles. The limited run 45’s, especially for guys like Lee Fields, who keep this flame lit and this music alive, make his Desco and consequently Soul Fire singles go for loot. He has also released records for Daptone, and performs along side Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings. I can attest first hand that the man ripped it up when SJ & TDK held their record release party for 100 days, 100 Nights at the Apollo Theater. He most recently tore up the Five Spot in Brooklyn as well. As of late he has gotten his props and major recognition in Europe, doing vocals for French house producer Martin Solveig. It’s a shame he is more recognized in Europe than here. Hopefully this record will help make that change.

With the ever talented musicians of the Expressions backing him up on this record, Lee Fields seems to be on a course of being unstoppable. Trying to recreate a record that sounded like The Moments, The Delfonics, or The Stylistics, Jeff Silverman and Leon Michels have come to near perfection in their quest. Looking for a sound that was “both tough as nails and sweet as honey”, I believe they have achieved it. I’ve been bumping this single for 2 years, and I haven’t stopped listening to the full length since I got it last month. Now here’s my only question? How do I get Lee Fields to Asbury Park? I’ll have to work on that. Make sure you hit up the link below and buy this record. Support a label like Truth & Soul. They’re doing it for the love. That’s why we all do this, to spread the Gospel of Funk and Soul. Lee Fields helped write the scriptures on this one. Keep Diggin’!

Get the Lee Fields Full length here

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4 responses to “Lee Fields – My World

  1. Thanks for hipping me to Lee Fields. I’ve searched for other stuff by him and have not been disappointed at all. dude is seriously dope. this is why i check back here on the reg. thanks prestige!

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