The DT6 – (Theme from) The Baden Persuader

Download or Listen to The DT6 – (Theme from) The Baden Persuader from the Starla Records SRC 1002 45

After a great weekend, and a great 40th birthday party, FMF is back. Even if I wanted to get something out on Monday, the old Dell “shit the bed”, as my friend Mark would say, in military jargon. So Sunday I went and picked up a new desktop. I had my Mac, but all my Photoshop stuff had to be reloaded on the PC, so it was best that I just relaxed. This midweek post brings us back to Glasgow, Scotland again, and our old friends at Starla Records. They have kept me abreast of there ever growing stable of seven inches, and when this one came my way through the post, I was excited to play it out. I first gave it a spin at the last Asbury Park 45 Sessions , where there were a lot of inquiries on what it was, and exactly where it was from. Let’s not delay any further, and get into latest release from The DT6 and the “(Theme from) The Baden Persuader” on Starla Records.

Coming straight out of Glasgow, the Starla Records house band has come away with another winner. Sounding like it has come out of some 60’s soundtrack to a spy movie done by the illegitimate love child of Lalo Schifrin, Mikis Theodorakis, and those unknown Turkish Psych Funk comps that mysteriously turned up a few years ago, this forty five starts out with a BANG. It’s Turkish and or Middle Easter flavor leads you right into slamming drums and the newly installed Starla Hammond organ, which dominates the track. And why wouldn’t it? It sounds lovely. The horns are a nice touch as well, giving it that soundtrack flavor. You would swear this thing was the theme song to a chase scene involving a Turkish outdoor market, bullet dodging, and screeching tires from a Hacı Murat. On a whole, this side is tighter than tight. If the first two releases on Starla are any indication on how the third is going to be, how do I preorder? I ride hard for these guys, and wouldn’t mind hooking up some Asbury Park 45 Sessions/ Starla Records DJ collaborations in Glasgow. Let’s make that happen guys.
The DT6 make their live debut proper on Friday 26 June supporting the legendary James Taylor Quartet in Glasgow’s Old Fruitmarket as part of the Glasgow Jazz Festival. Tickets and info are available from I’ll be back Friday with the last Soul Investigators 45, until then, Keep Diggin’!

Buy this record here. Support this record label and preserve Funk and Soul music!

Check out the video for the song:

5 responses to “The DT6 – (Theme from) The Baden Persuader

  1. Thanks for the kind words and support – we’re truly humbled!

    More Starla plates to come soon, and Prestige, you don’t need to order, you get the first copy out the box in the mail. Happy birthday btw, you’re looking great for four-zero.

    Vincent – send us an email at starlarecords (at) and we’ll sort you out, the paypal link doesn’t like IE or frames – apologies!!

  2. My pleasure guys. I want to keep it real and your records are keeping it real. We need more guys like you. Keep in touch and let’s get a FMF/ Starla night happening!

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