Tasty Beats: East Meets West Edition Recap

I’m writing today a tired man. Saturday July 25th was one of the best DJ parties I have thrown in a while. Everyone’s throwing them these days, you see it in every city. In my city, no one is doing 4 turntables at once, with 2 DJ’s spinning for four hours continuously. It had to be done, so I did it. DJ Un-G has been a DJ collaborator with me for at least 10 years, the bad part, is that he now lives in Los Angeles, CA. So how do you rehearse something like this? Truth, is, we didn’t. We talked about it in theory over the phone after I initially had the idea, but the trick would be to make it appear seamless for four hours. From the first needle drop to the last tune of the night, it went off quite well. There were a few mishaps, but all in all the night was great. When you’re playing 4 turntables at once, you have to pay a lot of attention the whole time, what songs your partner is playing and really choose your next ones wisely. We played just about four hours without a break, and from Funk to Soul to Classic Hip Hop to Reggae to Rock and beyond, it was all mixed it in. I have to honestly say, it was some of the most fun I’ve had DJing in a bit. Check out the photos, fun was had by all, from the crowd to the DJ’s. See you midweek with some dusty goodness. Keep Diggin’!

Check Out the Pics Below:

The set up.

Put them up!

Do it to the crowd.

This is what 4 hours of straight DJing does to you..wtf am I up to?

Un-G in deep concentration.

The one the only Un-G!

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