Back to the Spot

I have been getting a bunch of e mails regarding my digging, The Spot, and records in general. Due to my hectic work schedule (which has slowed down a bit thankfully), my digging wasn’t as much as it once was. That’s ok, because I have plenty of records that need to be reviewed, and I have been getting in mini digs when I can. I wasn’t even supposed to go digging today, but when someone suggested it, I pushed aside the shitty weather forecast and make my way to The Spot. It was later than usual, and I really didn’t expect to get anything really. My steez is too get to the place early, get the records, and get out of Dodge while I can (with my wallet and records in tact). The first crates I looked in looked pretty promising. There were a bunch of older DJ crates, with the usual 12″s, assorted Funk and Soul Lps, and some Jazz, Classic Hip Hop, and Disco. I picked through, grabbed a huge stack of goodies and inquired about the price. When the response was “$5 a piece”, I knew that things were starting to change dramatically at my local. I know it’s not a secret anymore, but $5 a pop? I’m payin’ $1-2 for these Lps at the most, and now it’s doubled and tripled? I worked out a deal and came out under that, but to start the day like that was a bit annoying. You know the deal here, good records on the cheap. I don’t dig to pay E Bay prices, I don’t come to pay record show prices, if I did I’d have to change my name. At any rate, the rest of the day was pretty fruitful. I saw some of the regs: Johnny No Change was chasing kids and selling Rock records, the Old Man was doing his thing, Half Cigar was selling junk, and the I presume since it was late, most of the other characters were off pushing people out of their way at yard sales or calling the police on each other because someone got to a box of records first. Whatever the case, I was happy with what I picked up. When you don’t spend a lot of loot either, that’s even more of a bonus. Here’s what I got my hands on.


Bill Black’s Combo – Bill Black’s Beat Goes On/ Hi
Red Foxx – Foxx-A-Delic/ Loma
The Pentangles – Sweet Child/ Reprise
Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band – Evolution/ Sussex
Donny Hathaway – Everything Is Everything/ Atco
Kool and the Gang – Music Is the Message/ De-Lite
The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – Together/ Warner Bros.
The Afro Blues Quintet plus One – Introducing/ Mira
Jimmy Smith – Midnight Special/ Blue Note
Idris Muhammad – Black Rhythm Revolution/ Prestige
Cal Tjader – Soul Bird: Whiffenpoof/ Verve
The Soul Children – Friction/ Stax


Hot Sauce – I’d Kill A Brick (About My Man)/ Volt

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