Tomorrow Night: Brooklyn We Go Hard! Budos Band x DJ Prestige

Well kids, you knew it was gonna happen again. I’ll be DJing in Brooklyn (at a rooftop bar with Bier Garden no less!), and it’s with the Budos again. Last year’s gig at S.O.B.’s in Manhattan was a trip, and this gig is going to be off the hook as the hipsters say. Not only will the Budos be bringing the heat out of Shaolin, the rest of the artists aren’t too shabby either. Voo Doo Funk (the best obscure African Funk around, PERIOD), DJ Old Chris, and Damu the Fudgemunk will also be providing the entertainment as well. Big ups to Dave over at Truth and Soul Records for getting me linked up to this colossal event (and I finally had a night off to do it). I’m going to be doing an all 45 set from 10 til 11. So if you’re in the area, come on out, have a beer, listen to some great music, and have a blast. I’ll be trying to get up early to meet some friends, get some decent food, and bring back some Stumptown coffee to the Dirty Jerz. Hope to see some of you Brooklyn/ NYC heads out. Keep Diggin’!

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