FMF x London Part 1

Wall of Fame, Tottenham London

Well people, I made it back from the UK in one piece. I stayed with the Big Man over in East London, and he showed me what’s happening as far as London sights go. The first few days were spent getting my bearings, eating Full English breakfasts, drinking tea, visiting football grounds, and playing tourist. Thank you very much Big Man for that side of London. While in London, however, I knew I needed to get in some digging. I had a put a call into DJ Andy Smith before I left to try and secure a few days of digging. Andy met me in Central London and we hit up a few used record shops in that part of town. I was really surprised to see Jazz pieces and even late 70’s Lonnie Liston Smith Lps going for upwards of €35. That’s over $50 US. So to say the least, records are a bit expensive in London. We, however, went to some places that weren’t so expensive. I was able to to get some cool Funk pieces for €5 and €6, as well as a bunch for 50p each. I tried to stick to 7 inches though, because I had limited space coming home. I managed to get some great records, and am looking forward to spinning them out as well as putting them on future Flea Market Funk Mixes. I was lucky enough to get to the Soul Jazz shop, where I bought some great stuff, and got to meet Earl from the Trojan Sound System. The guy is definitely a heavy hitter in the Reggae scene. Check out the song on his page over the Classic riddim, wicked and wild man. From there we hit up a few more used spots and then went back to Andy’s house where his wife cooked us a great dinner. We played some classic Phoenix on a stand up video machine, played 45’s on his jukebox, and talked about records and music all night. I’m very pleased that I got to hook up with Andy. He is a great friend, a talented DJ and digger, and just an all around good guy. We share the same outlook on music and DJing, and it’s unbelievable how we’ve almost led parallel lives on opposite sides of the Atlantic, of course he has found more success. We both really enjoy what we do musically, and I guess that’s a great way to stay happy working. He invited me to go on his radio show on Colourful Radio , where I got to sit in, take in the great vinyl he was spinning, and play some finds I got digging that day. That is going to be a separate post though, and I’ll have audio you can download. It was a good time, great music, and I’m excited for you guys to check it out. We went out the following evening, after a day of digging ( wicked, wicked Reggae shop, that’s where the top photo was taken) to Peter Parker’s, where The Gene Drayton Unit was playing. They’re a kick ass, five piece Jazz band. Really great stuff. Their cover of “Bringing Down the Birds” was ironic, as I had just purchased a reedit (or re-lick as Andy calls it) of the tune. Highly recommended! I also spent a night with Andy and the legendary Keb Darge at their night at Madame Jo Jo’s in London, my last night in the city. It was a killer time, and when I get all the photos sorted out, I will write that up as well. I’m glad to be back, I have some new vinyl and choons to share, so let’s get it started this week shall we? Keep Diggin’!

Here’s a few photos to hold you over:

Andy’s Jukebox, with a great assortment of 45s!

Gene Drayton Unit

Jazz man, Jazz!

Robert from Zen Records. This man KNEW his Reggae.

London Scores
Tom Newton – Vida Blue/ Tri-City Recording Company ( I called him Albert Jones on the radio..oops!)
Studio G’s Beat Group – Hi, Bird/ Licorice Soul
Barbara St. Claire – Teacherman/ Soul 7
Herbie Hancock – Bringing Down the Birds (B-Boy redit)/ White Label MGM
Black Slate – Amigo/ Ensign
Rae and Christain feat. Bobby Womack – Get a Life/ Central
Jackie Beavers – Mr. Bump Man (Give Me A Hand) Part 2/ Buddah
Pig Bag – Papa’s Got A Brand New Pig Bag/ Y Records
Janet Kay – Silly Games/ Scope
LJ Waiters & the Electrifiers – If You Ain’t Getting Your Thing/ La Shawn
Dennis Brown – Money In My Pocket/ Lightning Records
Harry J Allstars – Liquidator/ Harry J

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