FMF x London Part 3

My apologies for the lateness on part three people. I originally wanted it to run Friday, but got a last minute call to DJ at the Ace Hotel in NYC for an after party for Pop Up Flea and Tanner Goods. Better late than never. Shout out to Mark and Sam from Tanner Goods, Connie from 503 Stylus, and to Astrud the staff at the Ace for digging the music of Funk and Soul 45’s all night long. Let’s talk about some music and FMF last night in London.

When my friend Andy asked if I wanted to check out his night wit the legendary Keb Darge at Madame Jo Jo’s my last night in London, I jumped at the chance. I had been a fan of Keb since I discovered his Legendary Deep Funk records on BBE in the 90’s. Let’s just say, had it not been Keb’s putting out these records, there may have not been a Flea Market Funk. Yes, I still would have been a DJ, but it was Keb, Josh Davis, producers like Pete Rock and Premier, and even my friend Andy who pushed me to find these types of records even more here in America. So here we are over ten years later and I’m in London. I had heard about (but never been to) Keb’s Deep Funk Friday nights, but it was Andy a few years ago that told me about Lost and Found. On this night, he and Keb spin Rockabilly, early American R & B, Jump Blues, and Northern Soul. I was a bit puzzled, because this kind of stuff wouldn’t go over here on a weekly basis. A one off yes, but weekly would be a challenge. Lost and Found has been going STRONG every week for three years. This I had to see for myself.

Madame Jo Jo’s is a dimly lit, well decorated, burlesque type hall. It honestly looks like it hasn’t changed since the 60’s (why change something that works?). In a little while, it’s sunken in dance floor (little did I know), would be packed with young people dancing their ass off to my surprise, 50’s R & B. I arrived early with Andy, and met Keb and his wife Edith. Soon after the crowd began to filter in. As I was trying to keep up with Keb with Maker’s and Cokes, the crowd grew larger and larger. Before I knew it, the night was in full swing. Keb and Andy went from obscure Jump Blues to Ray Charles to Elvis (Jailhouse Rock?!) to Northern Soul Classics as the crowd of twenty somethings and people who traveled from as far as Manchester to appreciate the night, dance like they were at the Wigan Casino, and just enjoy the best Saturday night spot in London. If this is any indication where the music scene is going, we’re in for a shake up. From a guy who reinvented Northern Soul, invented the Rare Groove and Funk scene, and now has this night going, my money is going to Ladbroke’s on this scene. I want to thank Andy and Keb for inviting me out and showing me a great time. Here are some photos from the night:

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  1. Hey Jamison !
    I like your blog and all your work,
    but I need your help:
    Do you have any idea which songs are played in this two videos ?

    here the first song from about 0:20 to 0:45

    and here

    from about 0:30 to 2:45 .

    It would be fantastic if you could help me.
    If you know something, answer on my blog
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