Eivets Rednow – Grazing In the Grass

Listen to or Download Eivets Rednow – Grazing In the Grass from the Gordy Lp of the same name

It’s midweek here at FMF, and I wanted to throw out a cool side that I had forgotten I picked up a while ago. Originally I had seen it in Minneapolis when I was on tour, and when I went back to pick it up, it was gone. Fast forward a few years later and I picked up a beat up copy for half a buck at the Spot. It’s a cool little record, and some streetwear company (I believe it could have been Soul Rebel) put out the exact lettering on a black tee in the 90’s. Here’s Eivets Rednow with “Grazing In the Grass” from 1968 on Gordy Records.

Some of you may have figured it out by now, but if you haven’t, Eivets Rednow is really Stevie Wonder. Since he made his start blowing on the harmonica, it is no surprise that he released this record. However, there is some speculation that it was a secret record, released on Gordy instead of Motown because he was an up and coming star. Same company yeah, but who knows what the reception he would have been met with if he released this thing next to singles like “Uptight” or “Fingertips”? What’s really cool is the selection of songs on the record, and the fact that it’s all instrumental, with no vocals at all. This is no Stevie Wonder Songs In the Key of Life heat here people, but something a little off the beaten path. Stevie plays harmonica, drums, and clavinet while Benny Benjamin plays drums, and the master, James Jamerson is on the bass. Now before you get all Soul Strut on me and dismiss this as a “tepid terd”, remember that it is Stevie Wonder, and experimental albums are not uncommon. Unfortunately my copy of this record is pretty beat up, so I apologize if Stevie’s version of “Grazing In the Grass” is a bit mashed. I dig it, and I hope you will dig this little off the beaten path gem. I will see all of you soon. Keep Diggin’!

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