Asbury Lanes Record Swap

Out of the depths of this shitty weather, comes a shining light.  It was the Asbury Lanes Record Show and Garage Sale.  I had forgotten that it was going to pop up, and this one I didn’t want to miss.  I’ve missed a few over the last several times, and since Liverpool were playing Arsenal (what a shite result, let’s not speak on it), I figured I’d go after for a Sunday dig.  The weather was dreadful, and surprisingly, there were a lot of record vendors set up for business.  The usual suspects were around (DJ Prime Mundo had hung out for the first half of the L’pool match then hit the show, and DJ Jack the Ripper was also selling): Hell Bob and Silent G, plus Reggae LaMar, and bunch of new people.  For the most part, the new vendors didn’t really get me that excited (bins of Prog Rock and 80’s hits on 45 I can easily pass up).  Just when I thought it might be a dud show, I ripped into a few crates that yielded some good scores.  It was nice to catch up with some old friends, get a few bits of vinyl, as well as hook up with a Studio 1 shirt. It didn’t really help that there was some Hippy Phil Lesh fest going on at the Convention Center, but I was able to push pass the patchoili oil and get down to business. Small digging is better than NO diggin! Here are the scores for the day:


Multiplication Rock – OST/ Capitol
Shirley Scott – The Soul Is Willing/ Prestige
Gil Scott-Heron – Pieces of A Man/ Flying Dutchman
Boris Gardiner – Soulful Experience/ Dynamic
Massive Attack – Any Love/ Massive Attack Record 12″


The Honey Comb – Want Ads/ Hot Wax
The Sylvers – Fool’s Paradise/ Pride
Etta James – Out On the Street Again/ Chess
The Messengers – California Soul/ Soul

2 responses to “Asbury Lanes Record Swap

  1. “… since Liverpool were playing Arsenal (what a shite result, let’s not speak on it)” – I think you’re beginning to know how Tranmere supporter feel :-).

    Keep up the good work.

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