Bob Dorough featuring Grady Tate – I Got Six

Download or Listen To Bob Dorough featuring Grady Tate – I Got Six from the Multiplication Rock Soundtrack

Hello people! I have a few things going on in the upcoming weeks I figured I’d let you know about. On Friday, January 15th, there is the latest Asbury Park 45 Sessions at the Asbury Lanes with the AP 45 Crew. The special guest selector will be the infamous Devil Dick. Also, on January 20th, I’ll be guest DJing at Master Groove @ Forbidden City in NYC with DJ Bluewater, DJ Prime Mundo and others, spinning nothing but dirty Funk and Soul 45’s all night. So, that being said, let’s get down to business.

About a month or so back, I covered some bands that played on children’s records, Sesame Street and the like. They were fun-kay! There is a HUGE list of artists that have made Funky songs that were children’s records. This just happened to come along right after I had put out the Sesame Street post, which was definitely influenced by the Village Choir article. Stuff like that really interests me, number one, because it’s a throwback to my childhood, when I’d sit and wait for the Super Friends on a Saturday morning and Schoolhouse Rock would be playing in between cartoons, and number two, it’s damn funky. So, without any further delay, here’s Bob Dorough featuring Grady Tate on vocals with “I Got Six” from the Multiplication Rock Soundtrack.

Bob Dorough: pianist, jazz improvisational vocalist, music instructor, scorer of television shows. These are titles that Dorough has held throughout his life. Born in Cherry Hill, Arkansas in 1923, music would take him all over, including Paris and of course New York City. He started to record in 1955 for Bethlehem, co wrote “Coming Home Baby” for Mel Torme with Ben Tucker in 1962, and eventually released his second effort in 1966, Just A Beginning. It was after this that Dorough got into television, and this recording we have here today. He continued to teach music (as a main way of making money) as well as releasing the odd Jazz side all the way up until around 2002. On this track he enlisted the help of drummer/ vocalist Grady Tate. You may remember Tate from such performances with Quincy Jones, and for being the house drummer for Creed Taylor and CTI Records. Primarily known for hitting the skins, Tate’s vocals were definitely unappreciated, although he has put out some vocal work throughout his career. An unlikely pairing on this record with Dorough, but somehow it works.

Basically this novelty record is just that, a novelty learning record for kids. However, it’s got breaks on it. That may not mean a lot to a lot of people, but to me it means something. Hell, it meant a lot to Prince Paul when he used Dorough’s “3 Is the Magic Number” off of the Lp for a track off of 3 Feet High and Rising. I know what you’re going to say: “but they got sued!!” These are the breaks kids, and history can’t be changed. This was also sampled on the Sublime song “Get Out!” from the original Skunk Records Lp 40 oz. to Freedom. What can happen though, is that kids can learn to count, and they can learn it well by counting to some funky ass drum breaks and songs. If they can do it, you can too. So go count by six, shake your ass a bit, and enjoy some Funk off another children’s record. Keep Diggin’!

Multiplication Rock Original Video

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