Harvey Scales and the 7 Sounds – Get Down

Download or Listen to Harvey Scales and the 7 Sounds – Get Down from the Magic Touch 45

With so many announcement and gigs going on, let’s get back to the music, shall we? I had some other stuff lined up this week but bumped it because at the last 45 Sessions this past Friday DJ Bluewater brought some sales and trades. This very record was in the box, and well, now it”s in mine. Also a shout out to all who came out for Mastergroove at Forbidden City this past Wednesday. This night is building into a really great night, with Guest Dj’s such as Nick Cope spinning black gold so far. More guests and more music every Wednesday. I’ll be doing another one of the nights very soon, it was a blast. When you’re there, try the Chicken Donburi, it kills it. Ok, so with all that out in the open, make way for Wisconsin’s own, Harvey Scales and the 7 Sounds with the flip side of “Love-itis” (which kills it in it’s own right) and “Get Down” on Magic Touch Records.

I originally reviewed “I Wanna Do It”, a later Stax side Scales did, which is a scorcher of a 45. However, this time I’m headed back to 1967 when they had a hit (their biggest one) on Lenny LeCour’s Magic Touch label. Twistin’ Harvey Scales, was/is a genius. His fervor and showmanship, not to mention his songwriting abilities have had him stand out as a solo artist, and the latter has helped others along the way (Johnnie Taylor) as well. Quite comfortable at writing, Funk, Funky Soul, and later on, Disco records, Scales proved to be still relevant within the last few years when the cats over at Dig Deeper in Brooklyn had him perform at one of their Live Soul nights. See the video from my previous Scales review link, and you surely will not be disappointed. Recording for Magic Touch, Chess, Stax, Chew, Cuca, Casablanca, and Earthtone among others, Scales has led an interesting life. As mentioned in a previous review, he had the first Platinum single ever with Johnny Taylor’s “Disco Lady”. The man is massive, and why haven’t you heard of him? If you’re in the Funk and Soul scene, especially the 45 game, you most likely have. Perhaps you haven’t heard of this side though, and as my good buddy Primitive Sound System says about this side: “Flip that baby over!” You’ll be glad you did.

“The brand new dance in the Midwest called the Get Down”, is a sweet little number that Scales jumps, hollers, and pushes through. A driving drum beat and horns throughout, plus the hand claps (who the hell puts hand claps in anymore?) drive the dance floor into a frenzy. The screaming of Scales, telling everyone to Get Down and then FREEEEEEEEEZE is enough to make you get up out of your desk chair and shake it ( I know I did). He even tells you that the freeze is like it’s cold outside in January baby. Harvey Scales could sure make a record. I hope you enjoyed this side, and as Pat says, flip that baby over, and enjoy the second side of “Love-itis”. Keep Diggin’!

One response to “Harvey Scales and the 7 Sounds – Get Down

  1. If you just can’t get enough you can get down even further wih “Get Down “70!” Great 7-inch. Two sides of dance floor filling excitement. Great post as always.

    – pat.

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