FMF Vol. 36 – Do What You Feel Podcast

Hello to all, especially those here on the East Coast of the United States that are completely snowed in like myself. We’ve gotten some snow this Winter, but as far as 2010 goes, we really got pummeled the last few days. It’s basically crippled everything around me, so I couldn’t think of a better thing to do than make a mix. I’ve chosen some artists, a few of them who are popular, but decided to go with some sides that normally don’t see the light of day. The other artists have definitely been around the mix scene for a while, I mean there is only so much music out there ( I can’t believe I just said that). You know the deal though, and in the words of the great Keb Darge:”I play records that are fucking great, that’s my style”. I couldn’t agree with that philosophy more here at Flea Market Funk. I try to just find good records, ones I dig, and ones that I think you will dig. This afternoon’s selections run a little over 45 minutes, and are a mix of 45’s and Lp’s. We have artists from Detroit, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, New York City, Texas, San Francisco, Israel, and Brooklyn among others. Mixed in within the dusty gems is a new found (and soon to be considered a dusty find) side from Finland via LA. Myron and E hit us back with their follow up to “Cold Game” with It’s a Shame”. I have a classic drum break from Odetta, some Funk Rock from Aric Lavie (Thanks Eilon!), a beatmaker’s dream as far as sampling material goes, from a certain gruff voiced Soul singer off of a Original Soundtrack, Quincy Jones teaming up with the Cos to churn out another Funky side that’s not “Hicky Burr”, a JB cover that is pure fire from start to finish, some Gil Scott-Heron for my man James Poole, a Now Again reissue straight from the heart of Texas, a cool Stones Funky Soul cover (with a small skip) and bunch of other sides I’m sure you will dig.

With that out of the way, I’m going to be giving away a pair of tickets for a RBMA event in London. You don’t have to live in London, but at least be close. The event is here. It will be a trivia question, first come first serve. Look for it this week. I’ll send out a Facebook and Twitter post as well, so if you haven’t befriended FMF on either, the links are to the right. Just Do It! Enjoy the mix and I’ll see all you NYC Peeps midweek at Master Groove in NYC spinning Funky Soul 45’s with DJ Bluewater and DJ Prime Mundo (February 10th).

FMF Vol. 36 – Do What You Feel Tracklist

Together Brothers feat. B.W. – Do Drop In/ 20th Century
Odetta – Hit or Miss/ Polydor
Idris Muhammad – Super Bad/ Prestige
Dennis Coffey – Big City Funk/ Sussex
Harvey Scales & the Seven Sounds – Get Down/ Magic Touch
Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings – Give Me a Chance/ Daptone
Quincy Jones – Chump Change/ A & M
Gil Scott-Heron – Home Is Where the Hatred Is/ Flying Dutchman
Aric Lavie – Autumn Song/ CBS Isreal
The Soul Seven – The Cissy Thang/ Now Again
Watts 103rd Rhythm St. Band – Satisfaction/ WB
Cecil Holmes and the Soulful Sounds – Across 110th Street/ Buddah
Sly Stone – Advice/ Structure
Myron & E – It’s a Shame/ Chateau du Soul
Voices of East Harlem – So Rare/ Sunshine

Download or Listen To: FMF Vol. 36 – Do What You Feel Podcast

Keep Diggin’!

3 responses to “FMF Vol. 36 – Do What You Feel Podcast

  1. Tight mix, dude…I enjoyed it a lot. I’m going to have to examine more of Dennis Coffey’s material. Periodic underwhelmings on his material led me astray, but this cut and “It’s Your Thing” are piquing my interest again.


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