Thoughts Out To Guru

“1989, a number, sound of the Funky Drummer”. While I was listening to Public Enemy, watching YO! MTV Raps and trying to match my Charles Barkley Nike High Tops with my Vision Street Wear, I heard a song: “Manifest”. Then came another: “Jazz Music”. I started to flip out, “what exactly are these samples, and who are these guys?” I’d find out shortly that it was Gangstarr, and by the time 1991’s Step Into the Area came around, I was hooked. I’d become a full blown Gangstarr fan, and a huge DJ Premier production fanatic. Gangstarr was street, they had the best drums sounds, Guru’s lyrics were smart and the flow was smooth, and I just couldn’t get enough. Move to ’94, and Hard To Earn is still one of my favorite Hip Hop records to this day. 1998 comes around and I’m in Vegas on business. Around me are tons of Hip Hop artists: who are the coolest out of all of them? Guru and DJ Premier (although Rakin was running a close second). Later on that night I was taken by clients to a Gentlemen’s club, and who is at my table? Guru. The guy didn’t know me, but gave me a hug and a pound, pulled up a chair and sat down. Here I am at some small table with Guru and Ice-T watching Vegas’s best, and thinking: “This guy is the most humble guy on earth.” I never forgot that about him, some 12+ years later as I hear the news that Guru had a heart attack and is a coma. I heard it late last night and the Tweets were flying. Premier called into XM’s Hip Hop Nation to confirm. So as I sit here getting myself ready to start my day, I wanted to reflect a bit on Guru, and hope for him to pull through this adversity, and have a speedy recovery. From Gangstarr to Jazzmatazz to his newest record label 7 Grand, Guru is Hip Hop. To quote the man, who was nice enough to give me some drops this year for my mixes: “Real Hip Hop is in the building, what!”. FleaMarket Funk is thinking about you, and hoping for a full recovery. We need you in this Hip Hop game. Keep Diggin’!

One response to “Thoughts Out To Guru

  1. All Guru gets from the hip hop community is hate (check the forums on this beautiful thing called the Internet) and I’ll never understand it, he’s one of the best MC’s ever

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