Andrew White – Who Got De Funk? Part Two

Download or Listen to Andrew White – Who Got De Funk? Part Two from the Andrew’s Music 45

After a brief vacation from writing, (honestly, I missed it), I’m back. Lots of stuff going on over here at Flea Market Funk. Not only have I secured a two night residency here in Asbury Park at the Annex with the Tasty Beats! Party, but the Summer is going to be in full swing soon. This means some AP 45 Sessions and more. Good times. We’re here for records though, and today I have a unique 45 that I bought off of Lou Bluewater a few years ago. When I did some research on it’s history, I overturned some interesting things. Here is Andrew White and “Who Got De Funk?” on Andrew’s Music from 1973.

Born in Washington, DC in 1942, a quick relocation to Nashville, Tennessee would prove fruitful for White’s musical career. Starting out early playing such instruments as the oboe and English Horn, he made his way as a member of the Tennessee University band. It was here he excelled at many instruments, including piano, upright bass, and soprano and alto saxophone. After high school, White enrolled in Howard University, where he would receive a degree in Music, as well as being a member of the JFK Quintet. His musical prowess and expertise earned him fellowships and grants, one which included a stint at the Paris Conservatory, as well as the State University in Buffalo, New York. White has had a career that most musicians would drool over. He has played with diverse musicians such as Otis Redding, Weather Report, Stevie Wonder, The Fifth Dimension, Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner, with solo stints at American Ballet of New York, Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall. Remember, this was on a variety of instruments: oboe, electric bass, and saxophone. These feats are incredible. Basically, the man is a musical genius. He is the world’s leading authority on John Coltrane. His book “Trane and Me” is required reading in many of the world’s top music schools. White is a scholar, musician, transcriber, historian, and most importantly a giant contributor to the Jazz genre. It seems only fitting that he would be open to experimentation, much as his beloved Coltrane was, that Andrew White would release a sweet little Funk 45.

Andrew White was damn funky…and how couldn’t he be? The man was a Jazz scholar, who was and still is the leading authority on John Coltrane. It was the early 70’s, in DC, there was a lot of energy going on in that city at that time. “Who Got De Funk?” feeds off that energy and could have easily been slid into some Blaxploitation Soundtrack. You know, something like The Mack on G Street, or Dupont Circle Takeover (now of course I made those names up, but you dig what I’m saying). However, this record is really much, much more. Heavy on the drums and percussion, and when I say heavy, I mean HEAVY, this record has a Rasputin’s Stash meets Kool and the Gang feel. Listen to the shout outs and let me know what you think. The personnel on this record are as follows: Rudy Stevenson (guitar,alto flute,vocal), Montego Joe (latin percussions,vocals), Mel Lee (drums,vocals), Jocelyne White (spoken word), Joseph McNeil (inspiration of “who got de funk”), along with Andrew White (oboe, horn, clarinet, sax, bass, vocal,arranger, producer). Jazz + Soul = Genius says Ray Charles, but Jazz + Funk = Super Genius to Andrew White. If White was searching for who got the Funk, it would be safe to say that he found it. Keep Diggin’!

3 responses to “Andrew White – Who Got De Funk? Part Two

  1. My music teacher at Coolidge High in DC, Mr. Sands was a saxmanand a friend of Mr. White’s. Mr. Sands was always marveling at how White trancribed hundreds of Coltrane’s solos and had the sheet music available. Dude gave Sands all these press releases cuz even in the early 90s, he had an indie label. I always thought it was cool that a dude who lives in my hood played bass for Stevie, and I still do !

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