Back in the Saddle at the Spot

A decent Fall day was just what I ordered on tap as DJ PrimeMundo and I met up at the Spot. Now usually I’m up at the butt crack of dawn and getting there when it was still dark, but my man couldn’t get there early so I figured we’d meet later, beat the EBay knucklehead record rush, and have a good time catching up. A philosophy that worked like a charm. The Spot was packed even though it was in the low 40’s and windy. Of course it started off with some idiot one handing a crate of Latin Heat while he was yapping on a cell phone, trying to give titles to someone at home on a computer. Listen jerk off, either dig or talk on the phone, or better yet, go read your Gold Mine book in the car, there are grown folks digging here. Just like we thought, the guy didn’t even buy any of the records (as we found later when we checked the crate before we left). Way to go man, way to go. Going a bit later to the Spot definitely has it’s advantages. For one, the usual Egg Beard, Meatball, and all the other dudes yelling how “we’re taking food out of their kid’s mouths” by getting to a record crate first, were no where to be found. We were free to go through just about all the crates at our leisure without being bothered. It was really weird though, I have to say, to be at the Spot without seeing Old Man Mike. It’s the first time I have been there since he died. Junk Row Carl offered up a story about their first argument, but I didn’t see anyone else who really knew him. Even if it was a completely 10 degree day, snow on the ground, I could always count on the Old Man to hook me up with some records. That is what I’m going to miss about him. I’m also going to miss his call of “it’s a rare record” on just about everything he sold. Cracks me up every time I think of it. We ran into a guy we call “Bro Ayers”, who was just setting up with Lps about 1/2 hour into our dig. He called us the Blues Brothers because of our shades but quickly realized we knew our shit after we were talking about Roy Ayers and Eddie Harris for a bit. He went on to tell us how he saw Ayers way back when in Santa Monica, CA, as well as Sly Stone, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Marley in 1979, a year before he died. He had some good Lps and I copped a few. The Polish Mumbler is still in effect, but unfortunately had no records. Rich got some Latin joints from him not too long ago, but today he was just yelling something in English while flipping the script and going right into Polish. A jolly guy with records once in a while, but today, no luck. Besides getting some records and catching up with each other, the highlight of the dig was a guy who stole some junk bags, yes junk bags from Junk Row. He was called out by some guy who’s English was really not that good, and 3 witnesses later, we had the guy saying he was sorry and trying to talk his way out of it with religion. The video below is a guy next to these dudes who just got on a microphone and started commentating about the whole thing. Absolutely classic! Great to be back in the saddle again, I really missed the Spot, and today’s finds are below.

Nina Simone: Black Gold/ RCA
The Isleys: Brother Brother Brother/ T Neck
Lorez Alexandria: The Great/ Impulse!

Bill Doggett: Honky Tonk Popcorn/ King
Buddy Tate & his Orchestra: Fatback and Greens/ Baton
Eddie Holman: Young Girl (In Your World)/ GSF

I put a lot of stuff back and went light today, but definitely got some good scores for a late day at the Spot. I had to pass on the $5 Latin and 12″ Hip Hop singles, I guarantee they will be here the next time we stop in. A couple of Wax Poetic recommendations in there, but they were pretty rinked, so sad. More stories to follow. Keep Diggin’!

Rich looking like Curtis Mayfield in his intro listening to some 45’s…

Tagging Mike’s table: .R.I.P. Old Man

Here’s the video of the Big Dude…watch Rich pull an Alfred Hitchcock……
Big Man with Microphone Responds to “mind your own business!”

4 responses to “Back in the Saddle at the Spot

  1. I transcribed the big man’s words of wisdom.

    “yea don’t tell me what to do my name is Fred and I ain’t scared. I can fight as well as I can talk. I don’t kiss ass either, unless they belong to a woman. No woman you know, I got the mic here. You got that right. You don’t like it? Tell me what you don’t like. Come on over here, somebody needs a prayer”

    Dude made my day. Sometimes it’s the little things that make your day.

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