Booker T. and the MG’s – Jingle Bells

It’s holiday time here at Flea Market Funk, a time to reflect on the year that’s behind us, spend some time with loved ones, and hopefully find some sweet vinyl under the tree. Every year I look for my copy of this record, and every year I can’t find it. I always think I put it in the same place, but of course I don’t. Although while I was looking for this record, I did manage to find a whole stack of records I had been trying to locate in my collection: some Johnny Hammond, Idris Muhammad, and a Joe Williams that I thought I lost. Anyway, I digress. This record was on my mind mind as of late. I got an e -mail from DJ Wax O. He had just used this record under the acapella for Wu Tang Clan’s “C.R.EA.M”, and titled it “C.R.EA.M.Y Christmas. Pretty cool stuff. Check it out here. This year has been a good one for me and for FMF. We branched out all over the world, got to open up for some great bands and artists, and of course found some really great records. I mean you can never find enough vinyl as it is, so finding even one good record can make your whole day.

This record didn’t make the Pop charts, but peaked at number 20 on the Christmas-related Billboard charts in 1966. It’s a great interpretation of a Holiday classic by a great band. I mean there are a lot of X-mas classics I could have chosen from (Booker T. pretty much covered them all), but I really like this interpretation. It’s a Soulful take on a song we all know and love from our childhood. There’s really not much more to say except: Have a Happy Holiday and Prosperous New Year from your friend here at Flea Market Funk. Thank You for your continuing support and I’m looking forward to a Funky 2011. Cheers-

Keep Diggin’!

Download or Listen To Booker T. and the MG’s Jingle Bells from the Atco Soul Christmas Lp

2 responses to “Booker T. and the MG’s – Jingle Bells

  1. Hola FMF, New Years greetings from Espana. I wanted to thank you for your informative web site and blog and the hard work you must put in. I don’t leave as many comments as I should, buzzing around blog land and all over the web, but I want to take this opportunity to thank you.

    I also wanted to inform you that I put to your blog on my blog watch ‘Information Inspiration’. It’s really a big personal blog roll, but I’m sure some music fans will find it useful;

    Today I launched a new blog ‘Rhythm And Groove’ which you may want to check out when you have the time;

    Una mas, muchas gracias para todo… and wishing you a prosperous 2011.


  2. Sparks..thanks so much, this blog is definitely a labor of love, and I appreciate your support. I will check Rhythm and Groove for sure. Keep Diggin’- Wishing you the best for 2011.

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