Madlib’s Trash Free 45 Mix

Photos Courtesy of Stones Throw

You know I dig 45’s here at Flea Market Funk. You also know I dig all 45 mixes here at Flea Market Funk. Well, the good people over at Stones Throw via the LA Weekly have put me on to another quality mix. No track list, just a quality mix from the records of none other than the Loop Digga himself, Madlib. That’s right, I didn’t say Madlib, I said Madlib’s records, from the trash none the less. Apparently Madlib doesn’t like to clean his studio much. In fact, if you take a look at the photos on this post you might feel like it’s an episode of Hoarders on A and E. So when he does, it’s a momentous occasion, and also a digger’s wet dream. While walking by, dude sees Madlib throwing records out. Guy asks Madlib if he’s throwing them out. “Fuck it, I’m done with them” replies Madlib. Uh, OOOOK. The guy gives said records to DJ EGROEG, who then made this mix. No comment from the Madlib camp about this one yet. Stay tuned. Until then, listen to this gem of a mix. There is some pretty cool stuff on it. Love the cover of Roy Ayers. One man’s trash is another man…Beat Tape. Keep Diggin’!

Photos Courtesy of Stones Throw

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