Big Ups with John Noll

I have known John Noll for around 15 years. He runs the coolest, low key (but hi-fidelity) recording studio in Red Bank, NJ called Retromedia Sound Studios. He knows and produces good music. I have spent many an early morning brushing shoulders with John while we both dug for good vinyl ( and other wares) at the Spot. I have the utmost respect for this guy for his work ethic and for doing things his own way. He also is in a Funk band called Shimmy Tang that does great a great cover of Don Gardner’s “My Baby Likes To Boog-a-loo”, which is just cool in itself. His Soul Sauce reference is the clothing/skateboard/ record shop I owned back in the day. Way before it’s time, and unfortunately short lived. No more Soul Sauce, but I made a good friend in John Noll.

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