Shaolin Jazz

We had Wu Tang vs. the Beatles, we had some Wu Tang Reggae/ Ragga mix, now, finally we have some Shaolin Jazz. This quick preview is definitely raising some eyebrows everywhere. “The 37th Chamber, the brainchild of Gerald Watson and DJ 2-Tone Jones, is a specialty mixtape project that has 2-Tone artfully blending the acapellas of rappers from the Wu-Tang Clan with hand picked jazz instrumentals.” That’s the Wu, Bobby Digi, Chef Raekwon and more over some sweet Jazz and Jazz breaks. I think I can deal with that. I wish this thing was more than a minute long, but I guess they have to leave you wanting for more. Stay tuned for this. Keep Diggin!


Gerald Watson, one half of the Shaolin Jazz mix team reached out and gave me the proper link and artwork. Enjoy!

Shaolin Jazz Download

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