Global Adapters by Phonographic Unlimited

Photo Courtesy of Phonographic Unlimited

I’m sure a lot of you 45 DJ’s can commiserate with me about the sad state of 45 adapters. I always have some plastic snake adapters or “centering device for phonographic records” on hand just in case I forget mine. You know the deal though, a lot of adapters get stuck on the record, you can’t get them off quick enough, etc. I have a few pairs of heavy cones that work well, but I always feel like I’m going to lose them. Unfortunately, they are not cheap either. However, despite the price on the Global Adapters by Phonographic Unlimited, these things look well worth it, in design, and in portability, as they have magnets in them to keep together when not using. Here’s what the deal is with these little goodies:

“Phonographic Global Adapters are finally available after nearly 2 years of development. What started as a personal project to have a really unique pair of DJing adpaters is now available to you. This design addresses the needs of DJs and appeals to collectors as well. The shape feels good in the hands and since it is cut away from a hemisphere it is easier to get records on and off than traditional cone-shaped adapters. A common problem that DJs have is that one adapter will get lost of misplaced. Phonographic Global Adapters have strong neodymium rare earth magnets to keep the pair together when not in use.
This very limited edition run made of walnut are a perfect harmony between high-tech digital fabrication and traditional craft. Using the same file to make the 3d printed prototypes and molds for casting, these are CNC milled from solid blocks of walnut. Then they are finished by hand with common tools and a lot of love. Each pair is hand numbered and comes with a black faux suede pouch.”

Check out the process of making these unique adaptershere

Finally, some cones I won’t lose. Look for a post on the evolution of the 45 adapter coming up very soon.

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