Lads Mag Banter Mixtape

If you have been a follower of FMF, you know I am a football fanatic. I love my LFC (nice thrashing of Newcastle yesterday btw), the Three Lions, NYRB and Deuce Dempsey among other things. I also follow football culture, and when Andy Gray and Richard Keys were booted from their respective analyst jobs for some shady sexist behavior caught on audio and video, it’s not surprising they were sacked. The Old Boys Club at it again like it was 1950, but I digress, I’m glad the lads have turned to DJing, I mean at least they have the time.

Here’s a little message I got in my Inbox yesterday morning, so I thought I would share:

“Hi, my name’s Richard Keys.You might recognise me from the telly, I used to present football on satellite television and and early morning television in the UK.

A few months back, me and my mate Andy Gray both lost our jobs in broadcast media due to some dark forces, so we decided to give DJing a try, and for the last few months I’ve been learning to mix, and Andy’s been learning to scratch. And here is the fruit of our labour, hope you guys like it!”

1. Ghostface Killah – Walk Around
2. Little Milton – Packed Up & Took My Mind
3. Floyd The Locsmif – Goin’ Diggin’
4. Pete Rock – The Joy (instrumental)
5. House Shoes – The Makings
6. J Dilla – Can’t You See
7. Oddisee – Philly
8. Dezo – Think-A-Bout-U
9. Apollo Brown – To The Melody, With Love
10. Fresh Sly – Charles De Gaulle (Tribute To Nujabes)
11. J Dilla – Airworks
12. Madlib – Domestic Interlude
13. J Dilla – Stop!
14. Ayatollah – Growth
15. Apollo Brown – Block Elements
16. RJD2 – Big Game
17. Dudley Perkins – Testin’ Me
18. Taku – This Time Tomorrow
19. Strong Arm Steady – Cheeba Cheeba (instrumental)
20. King Geedorah – Krazy World/MF Doom – Lemon Grass
21. Babu – Strive To Be A Godfather
22. Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer – Organ Donut/Two Minutes Left
23. Billy Preston – Nothing From Nothing
24. Madlib – Nothing From Nothing
25. Rob Swift – Queens Loung
26. Bob James – Mardi Gras
27. Q-Tip – Move
28. Jackson 5 – Dancing Machine
29. Arzachel – Queen St Gang
30. Keith Mansfield – Funky Fanfare
31. Johnson&Jonson – Do Right
32. Oddisee – San Fran
33. Bullion – Don’t Talk (Close Your Eyes)
34. RJD2 – 1976

Lads Mag Banter

Loving this! Keep Diggin’!

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