DJ Shadow “I Gotta Rokk”

DJ Shadow, just your favorite DJ savior, is back-back-back-again with a new track, “I Gotta Rokk”, off of his forthcoming EP I Gotta Rokk. It’s for sale digitally right now on his website, with physical product available June 1st. Here’s the track list:

01 I Gotta Rokk (LP Version)
02 I’ve Been Trying (LP Version)
03 Def Surrounds Us (LP Version)
04 I Gotta Rokk (Irn Mnky Swagger Mix)
05 I’ve Been Trying (Various “I’m Done Trying” Mix)
06 Def Surrounds Us (Rockwell Remix)

“Def Surrounds Us” and “I’ve Been Trying” were released via his website last year, and well, the preview has been ripped from Zane Lowe’s BBC1 radio show and it’s Shadow killing it once more. Great heavy drums, some guitar and Rock spoken word samples pepper this track. Always innovating, moving it to the next level, Shadow keeps it moving lovely. This post comes just in time for my review of J. Rocc’s new record, which I compare to Endtoducing, so you know that will be fun. Stay tuned.

Go to Some Kind of Awesome to hear the new track. Keep Diggin’!

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