DJ Nu-Mark: Playing With Toys

Do you like toys that make noise? Who doesn’t? We all once in our DJ career, if you’re serious about digging, bought a portable. Maybe it was a toy Fisher Price like the turntables I described in the portable record player breakdown a few months ago. If you weren’t lucky enough to have one of those, maybe as a child you had a clapping monkey, or toy that moved when music was played? Hell, maybe you even had a miniature drum set you could play with your fingers? At the very least you had a rubber band you could twang like a stringed instrument. Well Uncle Nu aka DJ Nu-Mark has a little treat for you. It’s a sneak preview of “Playing With Toys” video from the upcoming CD/DVD Broken Sunlight, (which will include an accompanying coffee table book and full length of this video). In quick look, he does all of the above, and more. Nu-Mark has always been an innovator; DJ, beat maker, producer, purveyor of good music, and inventor of sounds through toy instruments. Your favorite DJ Uncle lays it down like no other. Biz Markie may eat a hamburger while he’s spinning, but Nu-Mark is not only eating a hamburger, but taking those collectibles that the Biz has in his massive collection and actually making music with them while he’s DJing. If you have ever seen Nu-Mark in action, you have seen him do some of this stuff. If you haven’t, well you’re in for a treat. Playing With Toys is a quick peek at what this multi-talented musician can really do. Enjoy. Keep Diggin’!

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