Action Bronson: The Return of East Coast Hip Hop

Since the inception of FMF, I have incorporated my love of Hip Hop music and culture in with my Funk, Soul, Reggae, and Jazz record reviews, put out an all 12″ Hip Hop mix when I hit 100,000 hits (I’m way beyond a million today which is unbelievable), and when I revamped the site, I decided to feature Hip Hop a little more. We’re “Always Diggin’ “, but Flea Market Funk is also about “the way we live”, and lately I have been livin’ and listening to this record nonstop. I’m a Golden Age Hip Hop guy. Give me Preemo or Pete Rock beats all day erry day, and I’ll be happy. I’m not impressed by much music that is on the radio, and there hasn’t been much out worth talking about. The last Ghostface was definitely hot. I dug indie rapper Shad’s “Rose Garden”. Last year UK rapper Maestro’s “Around My Way” really got stuck in my head, but honestly, there wasn’t much I have been feeling. Last week the Nas track “Nasty” got leaked, and if that’s an indication of what the direction the new Hip Hop is going be from the East, than Action Bronson’s Dr. Lecter has a block’s length head start.

Let’s get this out of the way first. Put on an Action Bronson track. Close your eyes. Ok, he sounds like Ghostface. Now open them. He’s big like Pun. He’s white. He’s got a quick nasal like flow. It’s been said a million times, even in the NY Times Now that that’s out of the way, sit back and listen to what’s really going on, because there is so much more. Besides the smooth like silk Jamaal Wilkes flow, the beats from unknown producer Tommy Mas are taking me back to when Hip Hop was, um, good. Chopping up Ohio Players samples on “Suede”, the Charlie Parker “Night In Tunisia” on “Get Off My P.P.”, some Samba on “Beautiful Music” and what sounds to me like BG or even BB King on “Buddy Guy”, not to mention flipping some Donny Hathaway and Brother Jack McDuff among others throughout, this is the kind of stuff good Hip Hop is made of. Bronsoliño likes to rap about food (“the roasted peppas, sweet tomatoes: heirloom”, “eating yakitori, getting hammered in the saki layer”, “olives from Tunisia”), name check throw back sports figures like Chuck Person, Larry Cszonka, and Barry Horowitz, and rep Flushing, Queens to the fullest. A giant breathe of fresh air exhaled through a tightly rolled blunt, this combination of tight beats and Bronsonova’s quirky lyrics and sound may take you back, but cot damn it’s better than any Hip Hop out today. A nod to the legendary sound of people like D.I.T.C and Gangstarr, I can only help to think this sound of chopping up Soul and breakbeats (even using the same samples as Preemo and Grand Puba) wasn’t done to imitate, but to pay tribute to a sound that will always remain hot. I can see Bronson standing on the corner cutting his buddies up the same way he quickly snaps people in his rhymes, smoking an L, heading over to the restaurant to eat a gourmet meal, and without knowing it, ushering the return of East Coast Hip Hop. Another day in Flushing, Queens.

Action Bronson “Shiraz”

Like Crazy Legs, Action Bronson likes to Cook

Action in the Kitchen Cooking Spaghetti

Action Cooks a Bronson Burger

Cookin’ Seared Ahi like Bill Parcels

Go get Action Bronson’s Dr. Lecter here.

Keep Diggin’!

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