Kinda like Shaft, So You Can Say I’m Shaftin’

40 years ago Shaft was born. 40 years later, the legacy of Shaft is still talked about. Not only did it produce two sequels, but it also gave birth to a short lived 9 episode television series, something no other movie of it’s genre has done. Last week while spinning at Hot Peas & Butta: Tokyo Soul, they paid tribute to 40 years of one of the greatest Blaxploitation films ever made through video. In light of The Nostaligia King: Skeme Richards posting up his very own tribute mix, as well as some pretty rare Shaft memorabilia, I dug into the crates here at FMF and found another tribute to Shaft from 1971 on Pickwick Records: Soul Mann and the Brothers doing their version “Bumpy’s Lament”.

Soul Mann and the Brothers or Mack Brown and the Brothers laid down their own version of Shaft, and these kind of records I always pick up. I love these B-Side bands trying to imitate their idols (in this case Isaac Hayes) and finding these gems for a quarter. Now, as you know, this record is no secret. Dre used it for “Xxplosive”, which in turn was borrowed for Eryka Badu’s “Bag Lady”. Now the question is, was it replayed live by Dre or not? Either way, I’m sure he paid. It’s been used, in my opinion, not every well since then (T.I. and Fabolous among others), so the Dr. Dre usage/interpretation of this sample along with Badu, has done this song justice. It’s a short post today, but I think I’ve made my point. Congrats to 40 years Shaft, you deserve it! Now, I know I have nothin’ on Skeme and the Biz when it comes to collecting things, but here’s a little gem I took out of the closet this morning: Shaft Has A Ball. Keep Diggin’!

Download or Listen to Soul Mann and the Brothers – Bumpy’s Lament from the Pickwick Lp Shaft

4 responses to “Kinda like Shaft, So You Can Say I’m Shaftin’

  1. I had a chance to buy this LP, but it was going for considerably more than a quarter, for no apparent reason. I had to pass. But glad to find it here. Thanks!

  2. No problem. I love these records where some studio band does covers. A long time ago my man Sport Casual came to my Spot and cleaned up with these types. I have to get him to review the James Brown cover of “I Feel Good”, done in Spanish and titled “Bulebu”.

    Agreed though, epic is a great word used to describe any version of this song. How about the Cedric Brooks Reggae style cover? HOT. Cheers.

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