DJ Cad: Funk Is Instrumental

Good people, it’s a fact that Funk and Soul music will pick you up if you’re down, cure what ails you, and make a broke man feel rich. There are so many records with voclas, and so many records without. Whether it be some grimy Hammond beats or some Soul Sista getting over on her man, there is something for everyone. Big Ups alum and overall good guy Chris “Always Diggin” Archbold decided that he had enough of the singing, and wanted to put together a little mix of just Funk instrumentals on 45 (minus the Carl Malcoln joint). Flea Market Funk applauds this, and even though he says it’s a bit old, we also wanted to share it with you. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want an all 45 Funk mix? This is some perfect music to bump at your desk, in your whip, or just walking about. DJ Cad is a great overall bloke, a fantastic digger, and comes up with some sweet gems. Enjoy! Keep Diggin’!

Funk Is Instrumental by DJ Cad

One response to “DJ Cad: Funk Is Instrumental

  1. Wassup Pres had no idea you re-blogged this mix nice one fella, i am just about to drop the part 2 of this mix.Made a few changes since this original mix i dropped the dj cad psuedonym although i will always be always diggin its in the blood!!! Biggup Chris Arch AKA The Retrotable Sound System Part 2 is on the way.

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