Artwork by Joe Dichiara

Over the years there have been some interesting blends of artist acapella and back beat concept records. Dangermouse's The Grey Album, which combined the vocals of Jay Z’s Black Album with beats made entirely of The Beatles White Album has set the bar for this type of mix. Downloaded for free millions of times, pulled from the internet (but still managed to be downloaded), and consequently showcasing a great producer even further, Dangermouse’s ingenuity and skill have made him a household name since that mix. I’m sure most people were not familiar with his early Dangermouse and Gemini stuff, but with The Grey Album, they are now. Since then, we’ve seen everything from the Double Black Album (Jay Z vs. Metallica) to Lt. Dan’s Jay Z, Guru, G-Unit and MJ blends to Shaolin Jazz (Wu-Tang Clan vs. Jazz) to DJ bC Beastles (Beastie Boys vs. the Beatles), more Wu Tang and Jay Z Reggae/Dub mixes, and now this mix. This time NYC producer Max Tannone comes hot off his last three projects: the well praised and publicized Jaydiohead (Jay Z x Radiohead), Doublecheck Your Head (pairing up the Beastie Boys with themselves), and Mos Dub (Mos Def versus King Tubby classics, a sequel to Dub Kweli) to put out Ghostfunk, a combination of Ghostface Killer and Afro Beat, Afro Funk and Psychedelic Rock beats. I don’t know about you, but to me this is a great pairing. Ghostface could take a shit in a box and rhyme over it and it still could be good. The vocals of course are always dope, and with Max Tannone comes correct with these beats. A great remix project indeed, my fave track is “Danger 500” which takes Nigeria’s answer to the Pointer Sisters, The Lijadu Sisters, and flips the script on “Lord Have Mercy” to bring you an all together different feel. The organ on this track KILLS. This is one of the many great tracks throughout, and solidifies a great effort. Well done Max, way to keep it movin’ in the ’11.

Ghostfunk Track List:

Track list:
1 Make It N.Y.
2 Dem Back
3 Mighty Agho
4 The Same Girl
5 Three Lords
6 Danger 500
7 Astro Easy Love
8 Dear Psychedelic Woman
9 Breakthrough Kids
10 Funky Criminology

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**Here’s a bonus Max threw in too, the entire lot of samples he used:

# Ghostfunk “Track Title”
Original artist – original track [original album]
1. “Make It N.Y.”
Rob Kanda – “Make It Fast, Make It Slow” [Ghana Soundz – Afro-Beat, Funk, And Fusion in 70s Ghana]
AZ feat. Ghostface Killah & Raekwon – “New York” [A.W.O.L.]
2. “Dem Back”
Gyedu Blay-Ambolley – “Fa No Dem Ara” [Simigwa]
Ghostface Killah – “Tooken Back” [The Pretty Toney Album]
3. “Mighty Agho”
Sir Victor Uwaifo – “Agho” [Guitar Boy Superstar]
Ghostface Killah – “Mighty Healthy” [Supreme Clientele]
4. “The Same Girl”
Soul Throbs – “Little Girl” [Next Stop…Soweto Vol. 2: Soul, Funk & Organ Grooves from the Townships 1969-1976]
Ghostface Killah feat. Carl Thomas & Raekwon – “Never Be The Same Again” [Bulletproof Wallets]
5. “Three Lords”
Lijadu Sisters – “Lord Have Mercy” [Danger]
Ghostface Killah feat. Notorious B.I.G. & Raekwon – “Three Bricks” [Fischscale]
6. “Danger 500”
Lijadu Sisters – “Danger” [Danger]
Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon & Cappadonna – “Daytona 500” [Ironman]
7. “Astro Easy Love”
Amanaz – “Easy Street” [Africa]
Ghostface Killah – “Astro” [Astro 12″] & Ghostface Killah – “Love Session” [Bulletproof Wallets]
8. “Dear Psychdelic Woman”
Honey & The Bees Band – “Psychedelic Woman” [Ghana Soundz – Afro-Beat, Funk, And Fusion in 70s Ghana]
Ghostface Killah – “Save Me Dear” [The Pretty Toney Album]
9. “Breakthrough Kids”
The Funkees – “Breakthrough” [Slipping Into Darkness single]
Ghosftace Killah feat. Raekwon – “Apollo Kids” [Supreme Clientele]
10. “Funky Criminology”
Ebo Taylor Jr. – “Mondo Soul Funky” [Ghana Soundz – Afro-Beat, Funk, And Fusion in 70s Ghana – Volume 2]
Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah – “Criminology” [Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…]

For more information on Max go to his website.

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