Dennis Coffey Remix Ep

Where were you when you first heard Dennis Coffey? Said in a Stakes Is High intro voice: “When I first heard Dennis Coffey….” I was, damn, where was I? It had to be off of a Paul Winley Super Disco Breaks bootleg. I was blown away of course, and since then I have always been on the look out for every Dennis Coffey Lp and 45 in the field. Not always an easy task, but good music can be sometimes hard to find. Coffey was then, and still is a major contributor to this music game. From original soundtracks (Blackbelt Jones) to his work as a player on Motown (Temptations, Edwin Starr, etc.) to his solo records on Sussex, work with hit makers Gallery, and even dipping in on some Disco with The Sylvers, the omnipresent so called music “lifer” has left his mark in music history many times over. Let’s face it, the man is an architect who laid the foundation for Hip Hop sampling and break beats. He plays a pretty good guitar as well, ifuknowhuti’msayin’. Representing the D aka Detroit to the fullest, he hasn’t slowed down much in his career, and coming hot off his last solo release ( which featured Mayer Hawthorne and the Dirtbombs Mick Collins) now has been remixed. This is no ordinary remix record. Enlisting respected Hip Hop and Electronic artists, the Ep features Detroit luminaries such as 14KT and Mayer Hawthorne, plus other appearances by Jamall Bufford, Kings Go Forth and remixes by Recloose, Astronote, Nick Speed, Dabrye, and Shigeto. Here’s what Strut Records had to say about this project:

“Detroit’s musical legacy is as rich in electronic music and hip-hop as it is in soul, funk & psychedelia. In celebration of Detroit guitar originator Dennis Coffey’s new self-titled album on Strut, we assembled some of the most talented artists from the Detroit area, all influenced by Coffey’s work, for a collection of re-interpretations and remixes of his new tracks. Just some more top quality Motor City funk for your listening enjoyment.”

Dennis Coffey is a legend. Dennis Coffey can’t stop and won’t stop. An innovator, Coffey’s signature Detroit sound shines through from his early 60’s stuff to 2011, and now touched by some the music industry’s heavyweights who pay respect to the Godfather of some of the best rare groove music ever put out. Detroit is in the house majorly with this one people. Keep Diggin’!

Strut Records is also offering up a chance to download this entire remix record for free! Get the Dennis Coffey Remix Ep right here.

Also check out “7th Galaxy” feat. Jamall Bufford (14KT remix).

If you’re not familiar with the catalog of work that this man has done, check out what House Shoes has done with this mix:

Constellations – The A to Z of Dennis Coffey: A Mix By House Shoes

This mix is top notch, so don’t sleep!

Find out more info on Dennis Coffey’s self titled Lp here.

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