Give Up the Nappy Dugout, George Clinton is 70!

Original Photo by Jamie Kingham

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over four years since I have written about George Clinton. Really though, what’s to say that hasn’t been said. Sampled by everyone (including ATCQ “Ham ‘N Eggs” on this song), influencing everyone (RHCP for one) this father of everything funky and fuzzy (claiming to put the F in Fuzz among other things), Clinton is another artist who helped lay down the foundations of this music we call Hip Hop. GC was always staying one step ahead of the curve, so I figured I’d throw in a little love today to a guy who is like the Energizer Bunny and just keeps going. I’m blasting Cosmic Slop as I write this. It never gets old. The song also brought me back to the 90’s, when I used to spin Funk and Soul records with this now disbanded NJ Funk band called Brown. They used to do a great cover of the song, as well as a bunch of Prince, Roy Ayers and plenty of funky originals. All this Clinton love has inspired me to dig their music out, some 10 years later and do a little something on them. Keep an eye on that for the future. Happy Birthday George Clinton, Keep the Funk alive!

Download or Listen to Nappy Dugout from the 1973 Funkadelic Cosmic Slop Lp

“Cosmic Slop”

ATCQ “Ham ‘N Eggs”

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