R.I.P. Gene McDaniels

If you ask many crate diggers or DJ’s, Eugene McDaniels Headless Heroes of the Apacolypse is the holy grail of grails as far as records go. Sampled by a plethora of artists in Hip Hop (Beasties, Tribe, Pete Rock among others), his unfortunate passing at age 76 has left a void in this Hip Hop/ record Diggin’ community. McDaniels wrote songs like “One Hundred Pounds of Clay” and “Tower of Strength”, both Billboard Top 100’s, and later on in his career had a penchant for writing conscious Black anthems such as “Compared to What” that went on to be a smash for Les McCann and Eddie Harris and also Roberta Flack. He also helped Flack get nominated for a Grammy by penning “Feel Like Making Love”, before kind of getting away from the scene, recording sporadically, and being a recluse in Maine. I guess it didn’t hurt that these records gave him the money to just get away from it all and do his own thing. Later on in his career he was a voice over artist as well as a producer and writer of film and video. He was working right up until his death. Here is another great musician of our time, also highly regarded in the record digging and well respected in the Hip Hop community that will be sorely missed. R.I.P. Gene McDaniels, and kudos to all of you that have found a Headless Heroes Lp out in the field. Give it a few spins this weekend in honor of Gene.

Gene McDaniels discusses Compared to What

Jagger the Dagger

Check out the Gene McDaniels website.

Keep Diggin’

3 responses to “R.I.P. Gene McDaniels

  1. Got to see him in a rare performance at Marla Gibbs supper club in 1999. He was amazing!! Rest in peace!

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