Marvin L. Sims – Talkin’ ‘Bout Soul

Photos Courtesy of Soul Treasures

I remember getting a call from Prime Mundo a few years back. Apparently, this dude who was always buying up what I didn’t buy at the Spot was opening up his garage to buyers in some retirement village in Jersey. He had a huge garage filled with 45’s and Lps pretty much untouched. I jumped at the chance. I remember the both of us digging from 8:30 AM until about 1 PM, before the guy priced everything out for us. We scored Funk, Soul, and some serious Reggae joints. Unfortunately, we only got to dig through the 45’s, and the 15 foot walls covered with shelves full of Lps would have to wait. I know PM has seen him and asked, but the guy always refuses. I’m hoping that I can get back down there over the Winter sometime to do another dig. Fingers crossed. This is one of the records I dug up that day: Marvin L. Sims and “Talkin’ ‘Bout Soul” on Revue Records.

Born in 1944 in Sedalia, Missouri, Sims got into the music business after his stint in the Air Force which ended in 1965 in groups like the Valentinos and the Gaypoppers. He went solo in 1966 and released a string of sides. There were three on Mellow: “Have You Seen My Baby”, “Disillusioned”, “Now I’m In Love with You”, two on Revue, including this side we have here today: “Danger”, “It’s Your Love” on Uni, “Dream A Dream”, “Love Is No Sin”, “It’s Too Late” on Mercury, “Sweet Thang” on Karen, and “Love Is On the Way” on Rivertown. There sides were released up until around 1973. In 1998, after a 25 year absence in the music business, he released the CD Heart Talk on Rivertown. This side, “Talkin’ ‘Bout Soul”, was on the Revue label. Revue was a subsidiary of MCA, and operated out of Hollywood, CA. The label itself was in operation from 1966 to 1969, where they released primarily Black music from all over the country. If an artist did well on Revue, they were transferred over to Uni to release full length records. Revue had a roster that included Marvin Holmes and the Uptights, David T. Walker, The Chi-Lites, Eddie & Ernie, and Garland Green among others.

Coming in strong with the horns, this upbeat dance floor stomper has Sims preaching from the pulpit throughout. While going through a list of Soul greats and urging you to feel the Soul through your body, (and also breaking into an impromptu Sam and Dave lyric), Sims was a favorite in the Northeren Soul scene with these kinds of records. His other side on Revue, “Get Off My Back”, while not quite as upbeat, is also horn heavy and weaves another break up tale we’ve heard all too many times. Definitely a good side if you can pick it up. So, Monday morning has some Soul, and so does Marvin L. Sims. Keep Diggin’!

Download or Listen to Marvin L. Sims – Talkin’ ‘Bout Soul from the Revue 45

2 responses to “Marvin L. Sims – Talkin’ ‘Bout Soul

  1. I knew Marvin personally before he died last year, and would LOVE to get my hands on some of his recordings (45’s, LP’s, CD’s or whatever). If you are interested, or if you find any more, could you please let me know? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

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