Richard Rich – Sick and Tired

You met Paul Barman. You met Yelawolf. Now meet Richard Rich. Fresh off his collaboration with Big Ups interviwee Max Tannone and their Selene collaboration (where they based an EP on the film Moon), Richard also follows up his release Cold & Hungry with the two part mix tape Sick and Tired. While most of the indie Hip Hop world fan base was trying to find out where Tyler the Creator had disappeared to or questioning what Lil B’s sexuality was, Brooklyn’s Richard Rich was writing smart rhymes and declaring “You can’t match my sincerity.” Where a lot of white Hip Hop artists get the per usual comparison to Em, it’s exciting to me that a guy like Richard chose his own route, picked some Post Punk/ New Wave riffs to rhyme over among others, and released Sick and Tired.

“Classic/quirky rap instrumentals, motivational messages, obscure rock samples, introspective thoughts on the human condition, hood ass shit, bittersweet hope, are all prominent on both projects. ”

In the words of Chris Tucker: “I don’t give a fuuuuuuuck”, and neither does Richard. Well he does, it’s just that he’s not going to get pigeonholed into that guy. He’d rather just do himself instead of following someone else. The beats are clever, and with production by David Price, Sick Sentz, and Younge Frye, this hungry 25 year old Upstate transplant has released 4 projects this year. Not to mention his collaboration with Max Tannone has upped his already rising stock. In a time where major label marketing exists but not like in the heyday of Hip Hop, a dude like Richard Rich recognizes that it’s all about the grind. From the look and sound of it, he’s grinding hard and starting to get a good lead on the pack the DIY way. That’s something I can dig here at FMF. Check out the links below for more about Richard Rich.

Hear Sick and Tired on Richard Rich’s Soundcloud page.

For more It’s Richard go here.

Follow Richard on Twitter.

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