Debo Band – Gedawo (Kiddid Gedawo Remix)

Electric Cowbell has another batch of 45’s ready to go. The Brooklyn Boutique label is hot off of it’s 101 Things To Do in Bongolia, a retrospect of it’s first singles from 2010-2011. Well received all around, the label has been called “the hardest working new label in Brooklyn” by the Village Voice and this latest group of 7″ releases backs that up. In the upcoming weeks, releases from Karthala 72, No! BS Brass Band, Sway Machinery, OS Magrelos, Little Shalimar, Cheick Diabate, and the band featured today: Debo Band. They will be available in limited runs of 45s on quality vinyl as of October 11th.

“ Electric Cowbell Records is a Brooklyn-based record label started by Jim Thomson that releases vinyl 45 records with no genre-specific agenda. ”

Here’s what the label had to say about the first release, “Debo Band – Gedawo (Kiddid Gedawo Remix)

“Debo Band returns to the Electric Cowbell roster with another hit out of the park! “Gedawo” is an Ethio-funk classic by the great singer Ayalew Mesfin who recorded several hits in the 1970s. Recorded live in Ethiopia, this version features the background vocals, clapping, and traditional drumming of the group Fendika, Debo’s vibrant collaborators from Addis Ababa. A perfect vehicle for charismatic Debo-frontman Bruck Tesfaye, Gedawo is a rousing dance anthem performed by a contemporary 15-piece funk powerhouse. In stark contrast, Kiddid’s B-side “Gedubwo Mix” swaps drum kit and sousaphone for drum machine and square-wave, flipping the tune on its head into digi-dub territory. A chugging Tubby-esque take on the raucous original. Comes in medium weight 7″ brown paper sleeve with full-color vintage postage stamp sticker of the group on the sleeve.” These releases are a great example of what we like here at Flea Market Funk: quality music (and quality remixes) brought to you by people who believe in the music, and aren’t just doing it to make the money. Check out this release below:

Gedawo (Kiddid Gedawo Remix)

Dowmload it for FREE while it’s up here.

Electric Cowbell Records Fall/Winter Catalog

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