Edan & Paten Locke Live from Dublin

Edan & Paten Locke // The Sugar Club from James Keating on Vimeo.

Here’s some highlights of The Mic Manipulators aka Edan & Paten Locke live from this past April in Dublin, Ireland at The Sugar Shack. Now I am not going to say that these guys can rock a mic, but peep Edan working the turntables while he raps. My dude is one bad mother f*cker, complete with the end of the show Bob Dylan style cue card, drill but using record covers. If you are not down with Edan, you’re missing one of the most talented dudes out there. Let’s not forget kazoos, DD-7’s connected to the microphone, turntable antics, flowers, and more. Props to James Keating who produced, shot, and edited this piece. Well Done. Look for Edan coming to a venue near you. Keep Diggin’!

Check out Edan’s website here.

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