Bobo Meets Rhettmatic: Mini Break Set

As part of their promotion for their upcoming release Cypress Junkies, percussionist Eric Bobo and DJ Rhettmatic have released the second of three mixes before the November 3rd release. Last week’s Funk Set was a scorcher, and this week’s mini break set has the duo playing off Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “Africano” and Manu Dibango’s “Funky Makossa”. These two run through both of these classics in about 11 minutes, with Bobo’s percussion lighting up like Kobe late in the third quarter while Rhettmatic is just plain nasty as usual: tight cuts and beat juggling like the Beat Junkies do. Of course this kind of stuff is always exciting to us at FMF. Like Cut Chemist pushed boundaries on his Sound of the Police single turntable mix, BMR continue to push the DJ/turntablism + live musician envelope as well. The fact that most people will not understand how this is pulled off is irrelevant, it’s the end result: it’s the groove that makes you move that is tell all. If you can’t move to this, check your pulse, you might be dead.

Africano – Earth Wind & Fire
Funky Makossa – Manu Dibango

Eric Bobo: Percussion (Cypress Hill)
Dj Rhettmatic: Turntables (Beat Junkies)

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