Bobo Meets Rhettmatic: Latin Set

Image Courtesy of Faroh Sosa

In the third and final chapter of the BMR mix series, we get serious folks (as if the two previous mixes weren’t serious enough). The duo have saved the best free mix for last: Latin Set. This set is special in the three. Not only does it show the diversity and range of both of these musicians, but it’s a style of music that is close to percussionist Eric Bobo’s heart: Latin music. It’s not surprising, as Bobo’s father was the Latin music master Willie Bobo. You know what I’m saying? Fried Neck Bones and Some Home Fries, son. Juicy. Bobo Do That Thing! and more. This is some serious music. While Bobo does his thing, adding the meat to this musical Pernil, Rhettmaic throws in the Sazòn and seasons the rice throughout. If y’all have hd some good Pernil, than you know food like that can transform you, just like their music does. With artists like Fruko Y Sus Testos, Bruno E Sexteto, and Willie Bobo among others on this set, it’s another sizzler from BMR. A really great finish to these pre-Ep mix releases. ¡La musicà calientè!


Eric Bobo: Percussion
Rhettmatic: Turntables

Cali De Rumba – Fruko Y Sus Testos
Rebellion – Joe Arroyo Y La Verdad
Haitian Lady – Willie Bobo
Urubu Jazz – Bruno E Sexteto
Aphrodite – Louie Vega & The EOL Band

BMR’s Cypress Junkie Mix Tape Ep is out November 3rd. You can see them perform on the release day at the Crosby in Santa Ana, CA on 11.03.11.

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