RBMA: Chairman Mao Talks with DOOM in Madrid

Just what we were fiending for for on a Friday afternoon, an interview with the elusive artist Doom (formerly known as MF Doom). This stalwart on the underground Hip Hop scene has been rocking mics and keeping heads nodding since the days of Operation: Doomsday. No stranger to Hip Hop when he took the Metal Face Doom personality, his previous career as rapper Zev Love X would eventually manifest to this. His legendary collaborations first with Mad Lib, then with artists like Dangermouse, then eventually appearing on the Gorillaz record, has elevated his New York State of Mind not just to NYC, but to he world. Whether he’s Doom, MF Doom, Vicktor Vaughn, King Geedorah et. al, there is no denying that his production style, slow flow, and cut and paste skits have made him a legend in this life we call Hip Hop. Chairman Mao sat down with DOOM in Madrid at the Red Bull Music Academy to talk about his illustrious career. Another winner from the good people at RBMA. Keep Diggin’!

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