Polyrhythmics – The Imposter

Today we visit the Pacific Northwest by way of Calgary Alberta, Canada. It’s a well know fact that this area has put out some great music. A little known band called Nirvana, some guitar player named Jimi, Sir Mixalot, who brought his posse on Broadway with SWASS, one of the Kings of Diggin’ Supreme La Rock, and now in 2011: Polyrhythmics. It must be something in the water, because this eight piece outfit out of the Emerald City is on repeat at the moment. Don’t just take my word for it. Their first Ep, Indy received a massive amount of regional airplay, as well as propelling them through the festival and Rock club circuit of the Left Coast. Influenced by the greats of yesterday: James Brown and Fela Kuti, as well as modern giants such as the Budos Band and the Whitfield Brothers, Polyrhytmics are making their mark with own dance floor Afro Funk and Soul dubbed “Worldbeat Music”. Their well received full length, Labador, released in June 2011, has given birth to their first 45 release on Calgary’s Kept Records.

“The Imposter”, point blank, is a great side. Drawing from Afro Beat like Fela, (the horns, the percussion, organ and guitar), but injecting their own style to the side with a tinge of blaxploitation car chase guitar and a smoth bass line, this side is also the definition of funky. While the new Afro Beat movement was lead by bands like Antibalas and the Budos, in 2011, the new kid on the block is Polyrhythmics. There is always room for a band like this who pay tribute to the artist as well as the sound. With an “all live” in one room recording process, they not only keep it real but keep it fresh as well. Papa has got a brand new Afro Beat bag, and it’s name is Polyrhythmics. My bet is they will be opening their bag as they execute their “occupy dance floors movement” in a venue near you.

Buy the 45 from Kept out on 11.11.11 here.

Follow the Polyrhythmics on Twitter.

Keep Diggin’!

2 responses to “Polyrhythmics – The Imposter

  1. a few months ago I read this post here, checked out the band and was very impressed, told my boy who books the spot downtown about them, and then 25 minutes later he called me saying he’d booked them and asking if I wanted to open! I’ll be spinning records and my funk band will rock a set too. Feb 24th. So thanks for the post, opened my eyes to these dudes and got me doing double duty that night. Cheers

    PS your site looks really nice

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